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Propel Capital investment

Get SEK 500 000 in funding from Sting’s investment company and access to 40 experienced business angels who can open their networks to you and make follow-on investments.

Founded in 2014, Propel Capital is an investment company that invests only in Sting companies. With more than 140 companies in the portfolio, Propel Capital is Sweden’s most active private seed investor.

Currently, Propel Capital V is being invested and has EUR 2.5 million under management from about 40 of Sweden’s leading business angels and the state-owned venture capital company Saminvest.

SEK 500 000 investment

Startups in the Sting Accelerate program are guaranteed investment and a selection of Sting Incubate companies receive an investment after a period of evaluation. The investment size is 500 000 SEK.

More than just the money

The capital in Propel Capital comes from experienced private investors. They are actively looking for investment opportunities in exciting, promising startups and often invest directly in the Propel Capital companies.

In other words, as a portfolio company of Propel Capital, you are exposed to a large number of potential investors as well as experienced entrepreneurs and great business minds. And their networks!

Saminvest co-invests

Some of the investors in Propel Capital (“SIA angels”) have co-investment agreements with Saminvest. This means that a direct investment in a Propel Capital company by an SIA angel is matched by Saminvest with an equal amount.

Key figures

    Number of business angels


    Million under management


    Million invested by Propel Capital


    Number of investments in Sting companies


Got questions?

Can’t find what you’re looking for? There is more information in the FAQ section. You can also contact Emanuel, CEO of Propel Capital.

Emanuel Andersson, Propel Capital CEO, Sting

Emanuel Andersson

Emanuel Andersson is the CEO of Propel Capital and Director of Investor Relations.