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Propel Capital

Founded in 2014, Propel Capital is an investment vehicle connected to Sting. With more than 170 companies in the portfolio, Propel Capital is Sweden’s most active private pre-seed investor.

The funding of Propel Capital comes from experienced private investors. Propel is an exclusive network and provides opportunities to make direct investments in portfolio companies before other investor groups. It also is an attractive platform for finding syndication partners and sharing experiences with other investors in Propel Capital.

Propel Capital takes advantage of Sting’s deal flow and selection process, and the portfolio companies benefit from Sting’s support in business development, finance coaching, and recruitment, among many other things. 

Propel only invests in Sting companies. All startups in Sting Accelerate, and a selection of companies in Sting Incubate, are offered an investment of 500 000 SEK.

The current Propel Capital, Propel Capital VI, has SEK 30 million under management from 35 of Sweden’s foremost business angels and Saminvest.

Propel Capital I, II, III, IV, V, and VI have invested over SEK 70 million in more than 170 Sting companies. The investments are usually made via a standardized convertible debt instrument.

Co-investment by Saminvest

State-owned Saminvest has invested in Propel Capital IV, V, and VI. It also offers selected investors in Propel Capital the opportunity to get a co-investment agreement. If signed, Saminvest then matches those selected investors’ direct investments in Propel Capital’s portfolio companies with the same amount at favorable terms for the business angel. 

Propel Capital is one of the first business angel companies in Sweden to obtain a joint investment agreement with Saminvest.

Propel Capital’s portfolio companies

Here is a sample of Propel Capital’s many investments.

Want to know more?

If you are a business angel or a venture capital investor interested in investing in or getting in touch with our companies, please read more about the opportunities available or contact Emanuel Andersson, CEO of Propel Capital.

Emanuel Andersson, Propel Capital CEO, Sting

Emanuel Andersson

Emanuel Andersson is the CEO of Propel Capital and Director of Investor Relations.