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Henna Keränen (on maternity leave)

Henna is our head of strategic partnerships and community.

070-233 37 53

Henna works to strengthen Sting’s offer and brand by building smart partnerships. She also builds our community and scouts new potential startups to join Sting. She loves networking and creating value-based collaborations.


Henna comes from Helsinki, Finland. Her last position was at Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund, where she worked as a specialist of New Working Life and Sustainable Economy. Her focus areas included themes considering the future of work, 21st century skills, impact investing and public affairs. She also has experience from organizing and hosting events, as well as public speaking. In addition, she has worked with startup competitions and Sitra’s strategic partnerships.

What Henna can help you with:

If you have questions about how Sting works, Startup Climate Action, Swedish Startup Ecosystem, want to become a partner or a new Sting company – Henna is the go-to-person. She also knows a lot about building partnerships and communications/marketing strategies, and loves to brainstorm how to get your message out. Henna keeps herself actively up to date on news, trends and innovations shaping the startup ecosystem, and she is the person who you can find often from different startup events.

10 quick questions

Training: Tennis, running, Be.Core and more. Brain-training with Mendi!
Travel to: The Finnish Archipelago
Startup I wished I had been a part of: Spotify
Other profession I’ve had: Les Mills Instructor
Knows: I’m a classical generalist so a bit about everything 🙂
Likes: To be of part of creating something new
Would love to meet: Obamas
Thinks about: How to spark hidden potential
Listens to: Audio books, news and Scandi-pop
Is excited about: Startup Climate Action

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