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Karin Ruiz

Karin coaches ClimateTech and DeepTech startups.

Karin Ruiz Sting

070-645 78 04

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For 20+ years, she has worked in international business development, marketing and sales in both startups, multinational corporations and government agencies. Karin’s broad industry background covers health and medical services, Internet/media, ICT, WASH and Food, and the companies Capio and Tetra Pak. During more than five years, Karin was CEO of Peepoople, which gave her valuable experience in BoP markets, social entrepreneurship and expansion in developing countries.

Key skills

“My long experience in international business development with a focus on Asia and Africa combined with social and sustainable entrepreneurship is probably what stands out the most. I have an ability to see possibilities in everything, putting the customer’s needs in focus and come up with new creative ideas and solutions. Over the years, I have also learned a lot about raising capital in various forms.”

Driving forces

“I think it’s a lot of fun to build companies and develop new business opportunities and am driven by the opportunity to contribute to a better and more just world. I like challenges, and through hard work achieve results and make a difference are strong driving forces for me. As a business coach, it is extremely inspiring to work with great entrepreneurs, and with my experience and commitment contribute to their success, while learning a lot along the way.”

10 quick questions

Hobbies: the archipelago, skiing and all kinds of outdoor activities
Workout: running and cycling
Listens to: my children, P1, TED Talks, Spotify
Reads: biographies, social literature and management books
Travels to: the Alps, mountains, wine tours, Chile
Likes: adventure, travel, positive people who want to make the world better
Do not like: to get up early, indifference, to give up
Can: make pottery and sew
Makes me angry: injustice, xenophobia, when my boat malfunctions
Role model: Nelson Mandela

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