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Startup Climate Action Map

Entrepreneurial ecosystems thrive when people are connected and working together. With this map of climate startups, we want to highlight the Swedish startups working hard to create change and solve our many climate challenges.

Startup Climate Action Map big - 2.0 211209 copy
Startup Climate Action Map big - 2.0 211209 copy

Sting has worked with hundreds of companies in this space and we are dedicated to taking climate action. We also believe that Sweden is in a unique position to act. We are an innovative country, the country of “tech unicorns” and world-renowned climate activists and leaders.

View & download the full map here

The map, however, also shows gaps where there’s a need for new innovative solutions to secure a safer, healthier planet for many generations to come. You can also never have enough companies striving to reserve the impact of climate change.

To complete the Startup Climate Action Map we need your help!

Who are we missing? Are you a founder or know of a startup that should be on this map? Helps us expand the general knowledge of the climate startup ecosystem and make it more inclusive, cohesive and collaborative.

Nominate a startup to be included on the Swedish Startup Climate Action Map by filling out the form below.

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