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Test Drive

Sting Test Drive is a hands-on training program for teams with early-stage ideas or startups who would like support to develop their concepts, sharpen their business models and start growing their businesses. You will test and refine your idea, drive proofs of concepts, get meaningful critiques and help to focus your business.

What others say about us

    Test Drive was the trigger that made me decide I wanted to build a company. I learned a systematic method on how to iteratively assess my business ideas − starting by 'getting out of the building'.

    Sebastian Haglund El Gaidi, Greenlytics

    The coaches guide and help you find the way forward, they don’t tell you what to do. In the end, I’m the one who makes the decisions.


    Sting helped us grow significantly faster. Over the past six months, we’ve expanded our team, secured funding and have more than ten prospective customers. 


Our next round of Test Drive: Climate & Energy

Sting Test Drive Climate & Energy is a practical training program for teams with innovative early-stage ideas in the climate and energy space ready to take action and turn their vision into reality. The application deadline is January 31.

Read more and apply here.

Theory mixed with practice

During four evening workshops, you will gain new knowledge in business-critical areas such as business models, sales strategies, financing options, leadership and much more.

Experienced entrepreneurs and experts inspire and help you stake out a direction for your startup. Between workshops, you will do work on your own and get some individual coaching. In the final workshop, all teams present their startups and ”Best pitch” is selected.

 The program is based on Business Model Canvas, a strategic template for developing business models. It is a popular tool used by entrepreneurs across the world.

Workshop #1: Startup Challenges

– Lean Canvas
– Startup challenges
– Customer segment
– Customer meeting

Workshop #2: The crying customer

– The crying customer
– Sales
– Value proposition
– Minimum viable product (MVP)

Workshop #3: Financing

– Financing
– Budget
– Lean in practice
– Team

Workshop #4: Final

– Pitch final!

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