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For investors

If you want to know more about Stockholm’s new innovative companies, Sting’s pre-screening and selection of promising startups saves you a lot of time and presents you with interesting investment objects. We evaluate 500 startups every year and 25-30 of those are chosen for our programs.

Meet our companies

Sting works actively to build relationships with investors in Sweden and abroad. Below, we list a few opportunities that lets you meet with our entrepreneurs. If you’re a business angel or work at a VC firm and are interested in what we do, please get in touch!

Opportunities for private investors

Propel Capital

Propel Capital is an investment company that invests only in Sting companies. It is backed by 35 business angels and, with more than 170 companies in the portfolio, it is Sweden’s most active private seed investor. Propel Capital provides opportunities to make direct investments in the portfolio companies before other investor groups. It also is an attractive platform for finding syndication partners and sharing experiences with other investors in Propel Capital.

Read more about Propel Capital.

What others say about us

    Sting is competent, they are friendly, and they have the same vision that I do, which is more growth, more healthy companies, and more people who know how to start companies, and contribute to the community.

    Jane Walerud, Partner, Walerud Ventures

    We're impressed by the quality of the Sting companies and enjoy working closely with them. They’re a key player in the Stockholm early-stage ecosystem.

    Leo Giertz, General Partner, Icebreaker

    I have thousands of startups to choose from every year. Through Sting, I get a selection of the most interesting companies that I can follow over time, and then make direct investments in. So far it has been very successful.

    Lars Lindgren, Business Angel and Propel Capital investor

Opportunities for VC companies

Investor of the Week

Once a week, we welcome two venture capital investors as the “Investors of the Week”. This sessions entails a presentation where you introduce your firm and one-to-one meetings with up to 10 startups over two hours.

Catalysing meetings for international VCs

To help our international VC friends to get in contact with Sting startups, we are happy to facilitate meetings with your selection of companies in a digital context or at our office.

Share your expertise in a workshop

We welcome investors who want to share their expertise within financing with our startups. Get in touch if you are interested and have suggestions for relevant topics.

Events for investors

Sting Day

Sting Day is an annual invitation-only event for 400 carefully selected guests: 80 hand-picked Swedish startups and 200 investors from 15 countries, including senior-level representatives from the major VCs as well as experienced angel investors. Sting Day was held for the first time in 2010 and has since then grown to become a must-attend event for both Swedish and international players.

Read more about Sting Day.

Sting Demo Day

Sting Demo Day is held twice a year when approx 12 Sting companies are getting ready to leave Sting. The companies pitch and present their businesses and progress for an audience of venture capitalists and business angels.

Read more about Sting Demo Day.

Do you have questions or would like to attend an event?

Contact Emanuel Andersson, CEO of Propel Capital.

Emanuel Andersson, Propel Capital CEO, Sting

Emanuel Andersson

Emanuel Andersson is the CEO of Propel Capital and Director of Investor Relations.