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Do you want to shake-up the healthcare industry?

We help promising HealthTech startups accelerate growth so you can change the healthcare sector for the better.

Tailored support for HealthTech startups

The last couple of years have been extremely challenging for patients and the healthcare sector – bringing to light an urgent need for innovative HealthTech solutions. We want to help accelerate startups that can help improve lives and make a real impact on healthcare as fast as possible.

Who can apply?

We work with companies at different stages from prototypes to paying customers. But to join Sting, you need to have a truly innovative solution that has the potential to scale rapidly. 

We like to see mixed-gender teams with minimum of two people and are especially interested in startups covering the 4 P:s;

• Participatory health

• Predictive health

• Preventive health

• Personalized health

Areas of interest are; Mental health, Female health, Diabetes, Oncology, and Diagnostics.

Open Coaching – your chance to bounce off your idea with our HealthTech coaches

➡️ Book a free 20-minute coaching session with our experienced HealthTech coaches.

What others say about us

    The emphasis on sales has been key for us. Our coach helped us to stay focused on the importance of developing our business and how to best achieve our goals.

    Sara Wallén, Mindmore

    We were unfocused before, but now we have clear goals, we work much harder and with help from Sting we have literally formed into a dream team.

    Linus Kullänger, Care to Translate

    We closed a successful seed round with backers from Sting’s network. We established our core team and grew our business with at least 50 % per month during the fall.

    Christian Tärnholm, MediCheck

What you get

Are you an up-and-coming HealthTech startup ready to accelerate? Then this is for you!

If accepted to Sting, you will get a potential investment from Propel Capital of 500 000 SEK and benefit from special health action-related activities and resources, including:

  • Sector-specific business coaches
  • Access to Sting’s vast network of HealthTech focused investors
  • Tailored customer matchmaking through Ignite Sweden
  • Meetings with experts, in e.g. Regulatory/Reimbursement
  • Peer-to-peer exchange with other HealthTech startup founders

Together with our partners, we provide you with the right people and resources to grow your business. If you get in, you will have resources like a corporate and the knowledge of a serial entrepreneur at your fingertips.

Here is what you also get

You get access to everything we offer in our award-winning programs.

Meet the HealthTech team

These are the coaches you’ll spend the most time with, but you will get strong support from the whole Sting team.

Olof Berglund

Olof coaches HealthTech companies.
070-635 98 15

Johanna Wollert Melin

Johanna coaches HealthTech companies.
070-234 60 41

Krim Talia

Krim coaches companies within HealthTech and DeepTech.
070-973 26 65


Ready to accelerate your HealthTech startup? We offer these programs to do just that.

Sting Open Coaching

Facing a specific HealthTech startup challenge? Book a free session now with one of Sting’s experienced startup coaches. Slots fill up fast!

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