Sting startups can get 400 000 SEK in investment from Propel Capital

Some of the Propel Capital investors: Anna Ljungbergh, Lars Lindgren, Mattias Weinhandl, Anders Göransson,  Boel Swartling, Erik Wiljnbladh (Saminvest), Peder Hasslev (Saminvest) together with Maria Ljungberg, CEO of Propel Capital.

Propel Capital is an investment vehicle connected to Sting which, with about 100 companies in the portfolio, is Sweden’s most active private seed investor.

Propel Capital only invests in Sting companies and the investment size is normally
400 000 SEK (Sting Accelerate companies are guaranteed an investment and a selection of Sting Incubate companies receive an investment after evaluation).

The funding of Propel Capital comes from experienced private investors who also often direct invest in Propel Capital companies. The current Propel Capital has 20.4 MSEK under management from some 40 of Sweden’s foremost business angels and the state-owned venture capital company Saminvest.

Saminvest has also given a number of investors in Propel Capital a co-investment agreement, where they match selected investors’ direct investments in Propel Capital’s portfolio companies with the same amount.

If you are a business angel or a venture capital investor interested in investing in / getting in contact with our companies you can read more about the opportunities available here.

Propel Capital’s investment is usually made via a standardized convertible debt instrument.

Some of Propel Capital’s current or previous portfolio companies:


Please contact Maria Ljungberg, CEO of Propel Capital, if you have questions