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NEWS December 7, 2015

Winner of STING’s Fintech program will invest your change on the stock exchange

KlirrKlirr, the app that rounds off your purchases up to a certain amount and then invests your spare change on the stock exchange, is one of 12 selected companies that participated in STING’s national entrepreneurial program STING Test Drive Fintech during the autumn. The goal of the program is to get more companies into the banking and finance sectors. At the finals during the week Klirr was chosen as the winner of the “Best Pitch” and was awarded with 10 000 SEK by NFT Ventures.

Klirr rounds off your purchases to a certain amount, and then helps you to invest the money in funds. In short: a digital piggy bank where money grows over time.

– The prototype already exists. Now we are looking for a bank partner that we can build the product with, and we are currently negotiating with several banks. We hope to show something new before the new year, says Per Sköld, CEO and founder of Klirr.

During the autumn, 12 carefully selected teams with innovative business ideas in the Fintech area (e.g. banking, transaction, loans, insurance and payment services) participated in the program STING Test Drive Fintech. During seven evening workshops, they have discussed and developed their ideas and have had the chance to learn what it means to build a company. The program is backed by a range of partners, including SEB, MasterCard, NFT Ventures, the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce and Klarna.

– Innovation and new technologies are constantly in focus at MasterCard. We believe in an open approach and close cooperation with other players to create the best solutions. Therefore, it has been very exciting to support Swedish startups in the program and I hope and believe that many of the companies have the potential to scale up their operations, says Mats Taraldsson, Business Development Manager for Mastercard Nordics and Baltics, juror in the final and one of the sponsors of the program.

The jury for the “Best pitch” also consisted of Bengt Walerud, partner at Capacent; Tomas Rudenstam, lawyer and partner at Nyman Rudenstam Attorneys, and Magnus Uggla, Chairman of Fotografiska and former Deputy CEO of Handelsbanken. The statement read:

“The winning company presents a real problem, they have a credible and well-communicated solution to the problem, and illustrated this through a strong presentation.”

– During the autumn, the projects and the entrepreneurs have grown enormously. The status of the projects, business models and the pitches have been honed and what we saw today was really impressive. We look forward to following them, says Fredrik Rosengren, serial entrepreneur and Business Coach at STING, and host of STING Test Drive Fintech.

STING Test Drive Fintech is also led by Jane Walerud, serial entrepreneur, business angel and early investor in Lensway and Klarna, amongst other.

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The following companies participated in the sting Test Drive Fintech

Asteria allows companies to secure payment flows. By linking the company’s internal systems against the right analysis tools and partners, companies can automate and secure payments. The user is given better review of customer behavior as well as improved margins and customer contact.

Crowd Trust
Through P2P lending we want to enable targeted micro loans to individuals and projects that currently lack access to banking services, and where relatively little capital would make a big difference to drive economic growth. With the help of local partners (e.g. Red Cross/Save the Children) the lender will get the opportunity to get direct feedback from the borrower on how the funding has contributed to the realization of ambitions, especially in terms of increased economic independence and improved living conditions.

Dirept provides a solution for XBRL-reporting, which is a new requirement under the Basel III regulatory package (within finance and banking) and Solvency II (insurance). Previously, the regulatory reporting could be done manually in these, but with the implementation of these new regulations XBRL-reporting has become a requirement.

Klirr is an app that rounds off your purchases to a certain amount, and then helps you invest your change on the stock market. A digital piggy bank that grows.

Marqts is a new and innovative platform for investors – big and small. It is user friendly, inspiring, social and free. In a rapidly changing information environment, it is time to change the conditions of the financial market. The goal: we simply want our users to make better investments.

Njordvest wants to be the Nordic region’s first marketplace for grassroots-funded energy loans. We want to make it possible for anyone to directly invest in renewable energy projects, which currently is limited to institutional investors. In this way, we support smaller organizations in finding long-term capital for the expansion of Nordic solar and wind power.

Pengakompis helps people improve their finances and therefore save money. Through our tools, individuals can in a simple and fun way make better financial decisions, compare themselves with others, take advantage of discounted offers and help to improve agreements to reduce monthly expenditures. Wouldn’t it be interesting to compare your finances with your neighbors’…

A Poolare does not want to pay overprice for their insurance and turns to Poolaren to set up their own insurance pool along with his friends. The insurance premium is paid into the pool and withdrawals are made, if necessary, the remainder of the amount that is not used is paid out to the pool members when the insurance period ends. The pool is owned by the members and they also determine their own terms. Poolaren brings the insurance industry into the sharing economy.

Mai Thai and Nanna Stranne founded Sigma Stocks in July 2014 with the goal of creating an alternative to expensive funds. With the help of financial mathematics and large quantities of data they are helping former fund investors to invest and save monthly in shares. Thanks to digitization and low fees, they can save billions together with their customers.

xBMaaS is a cloud based business software with the main focus on reporting and analysis in real time and enabling effective integration between cooperative entities. Our first goal is to help retailers to find new ways to improve profitability.

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