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NEWS November 18, 2020

We’re finalists!

We are proud and happy to be finalists in the Nordic Startup Awards in the category “Best Accelerator or Incubator Program”. If you like what we do at Sting and think we should win, please vote for us!

Vote for us in the Nordic Startup Awards!

Here are a few reasons to support us:

  • With a solid track record for 19 years, Sting has played an active part in creating several key components in the startup community. 
    Watch this short video to learn more.
  • Our startup support is more comprehensive than any other accelerator’s in Europe (that we know).
  • The commitment from our coaches is unmatched (4 hrs/week of coaching, always available; even long after companies graduate).
  • Several of our alumni have become household names in Sweden: Karma, Sellpy, Airmee… and we may soon have a new unicorn, the first with a female founder – Yubico!
  • We believe we make a real difference, but you don’t have to take our word for it – we are very proud that our most recent batch of startups gave us a net promoter score of 100!

Please cast your vote here.

Our colleague Henna Keränen is also a finalist in the category Ecosystem hero of the Year – please support her with your vote here.

And three Sting companies are in the finals as well:

Healh Integrator – Startup of the Year – Vote
RenBloc – Best Climate Impact Startup – Vote
Care to Translate – Best Newcomer – Vote

Thank you so much for your support and hope to see you all again soon!

Stay safe.

/ The Sting team