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NEWS September 15, 2016

Virtual reality, gamification and wearables among the 10 selected games projects in STING Test Drive Game


Today, STING Test Drive Game begins, a national entrepreneurial program where 10 selected teams get the chance to develop their ideas with the help of STING and leading profiles in the Swedish Games Industry.

Behind the STING initiative, which aims to produce more game-related companies, are also a number of strong partners, among others, Avalanche Studios, Future Games, Paradox Interactive, Goodbye Kansas, London Venture Partners, Resolution Games and KM Troedsson, the former head of DICE.

The program is led by Jana Palm, who also runs Stugan, and Jonas Lindqvist, serial entrepreneur and former business coach. The workshops will be held at the partner companies.

– It’s been fun to see such a large spread among the projects that applied for the program. Among the selected startups, we see exciting examples of virtual reality, mobile and PC games, but also gamification of more traditional products and services. We really look forward to now start work to help them forward, Jonas Lindqvist, the hostess at STING Test Drive Game.

During the seven evening workshops, the entrepreneurs will get help to evaluate and develop their ideas and learn what it means to build a company. At the eighth meeting, the “Best games project” will be chosen in a final, and the winner will receive 10 000 SEK sponsored by the program partner Goodbye Kansas.

Here are the selected companies/projects:

Egg Simulator is probably the world’s first egg simulator. You play as an egg and your mission is simple but vital – get out of the pot before the waters boil, and you set.

Kindler in the Dark is a hand drawn mobile game about a little creature in a world gone dark. Fortunately for him he is blessed with the gift of light and will light up the world as he goes on the journey to find the source of darkness.

Lifee is a gaming bracelet aimed for kids designed to make activity fun again! Lifee will both be developing its own game and let other develop for Lifee with their API.

Right Nice Games is a new award-winning game studio created by five students from Future Games in Stockholm. They won the Swedish Game Awards 2015 for Game of the Year and Best Performance in Graphics. They have also been supported by one of the world’s largest game company Epic Games which created the game engine Unreal Engine.

Talecore Studio is an independent game company run by one person, which aims at creating narrative-heavy games that make the player think and feel. The studio has just announced Massively Branching Story Game “Shantee’s Choices”, which focuses on heavy, mature themes and is to be released in late 2017.

Tamarrion is a hardcore boss fighting game for players who are looking for a serious challenge. Customise to boost your personal play style and unleash the power of the gods on your opponents.

The Virtual Operating Room is a project that aims to reduce the number of care injuries after surgery. VOP will radically improve the ability of the operating team, in groups or individually, on-site or over the Internet, to virtually train technical and soft skills.

War for Talent uses games as an assessment tool in recruitment processes to management jobs.

Warhammer 40,000 The Name Game A casual multiplayer word game with the challenges and competitive features of strategy games.

WerdApp is a Virtual Reality Simulation that helps facilitate cultural integration and language learning. Through immersive interactivity, it enables the user to learn a foreign language four times faster than other conventional learning methods.


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