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NEWS September 16, 2016

Unknown startup in the consulting industry has revenue of 70 MSEK


Inkopio AB celebrates its two-year anniversary by showing strong growth numbers. After a revenue of 26 million SEK in 2015, the forecast for 2016 seems likely to end at 70 million. The startup has doubled its team in recent months and has some of the world’s most famous brands as customers.

Inkopio’s cloud-based service offers a solution for effective management of consultants by cutting all manual processes. The system supports the entire chain, from requirement specification and procurement, contract writing, time and expense reporting, to paid final invoice and evaluation of the assignment.

– Today, many big corporations handle up to thousands of consultants in various systems – often with an Excel spreadsheet as a base. The fact that consultant procurement at major companies still has not become more efficient and digitized is remarkable, and something that we are passionate about changing, says Nils Keife, CEO of Inkopio.

Nils Keife (former CIO of eWork), Magnus Krantz (founder of Schoolsoft) and Christian Söderlind (former sales executive for eWork) have long known that there was a major need for efficiency in the management of consultants. With their previous experiences, both from business systems and the consulting industry, they took the decision in August 2014 to build the most competitive system.

– We want to help everybody in purchasing and consultant management to have 100-percent control over their consultants, while helping them to optimize the process for releasing resources and saving money, says Christian Söderlind, consultant purchasing specialist at Inkopio.

The consultancy market in the Nordic region today has a value of about 150 billion. Inkopio’s vision is that within two years the largest player in consultancy management should see Inkopio as the preferred choice of system.

All companies that manage from 50 to thousands of consultants can use Inkopio. Today, one of the Nordic region’s largest consulting procurers makes all their consulting purchases through Inkopio, and the young company has some of the world’s most famous brands as customers.

Since 2016, Inkopio is part of the incubator STING, which helps promising tech startups to develop into successful growth companies. Inkopio has not raised venture capital but still doubled its team in 2016. The company has also been selected a member of SUP46 and sits in the creative environment among Sweden’s most innovative companies on Regeringsgatan in Stockholm.

– Right now we have no plans to bring in venture capital, but we keep the doors open, says Nils Keife.

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