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NEWS November 12, 2019

Treeno raises new capital from Storytel veteran

Treeno has so far raised over SEK 3 million in investments to develop its platform that offers businesses and consumers a better Post Purchase Experience, i.e. better communication and activities that take place after a purchase. Angel investor Anna-Lina Kvarnsmyr, who was involved in Storytel’s successful journey from the start, is now participating in Treeno’s second funding round.

Treeno, which is a Sting alumni company, also has Propel Capital as an early investor. Treeno’s innovative platform to help retail companies and consumers with communications and activities after a purchase, has in a short time established itself as an upcoming player in the market.

In recent years, other retail tech companies have focused heavily on what happens before a purchase, for example on payments. After the purchase is complete, most retailers are still dependent on mail, text and paper mailings, and customer clubs that require the consumer to visit corporate sites, apps and social media channels. And there is stiff competition among the companies.

Treeno offers a solution to this whirlwind that often irritates customers, by using aggregate receipt and purchase data in a structured, flexible and innovative way.

– Finding a new customer is at least five times more expensive than retaining an existing customer. So there is definitely a lot to gain for the companies by upgrading their communication with existing customers, says Frida Sporrong co-founder and CEO of Treeno.

– Treeno solves a real problem. There is a great demand from both consumers and companies for better after-sales management processes, such as more efficient return processes, control over their purchases, and relevant and efficient market communication, says Anna-Lina Kvarnsmyr.

Today, Anna-Lina Kvarnsmyr is a member of Treeno’s Board of Directors and contributes with the knowledge and experience of several entrepreneurial companies in early and strong growth.

– Anna-Lina adds tremendous value with her experience of business development and company building. We are constantly expanding our service offering and new good ideas are put on the table daily. Now we are working to spread our service in the market and give more companies and consumers the opportunity for a better Post Purchase Experience, says Frida Sporrong.

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