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NEWS July 7, 2020

They will revolutionize the construction industry’s way of working

Freightbag’s patented products for good working environments and efficient waste management will make the construction industry less hard on construction workers, and reduce the problem of building sacks blocking pedestrian walkways.

Mikael Gustafsson and Pär Engebretzen, founders of Freightbag

Every year, 50 million tonnes of construction and demolition waste are generated at construction sites in Sweden, according to Avfall Sverige‘s latest report. Approximately one quarter is estimated to be handled with building sacks.

− The problem today is that there is no possibility of gently handling material bags indoors and in confined spaces, which are the main areas from which waste is transported. Regardless of the technology and method of disposal, the waste must first come out of the building, and today that is really hard work, says Mikael Gustafsson, founder and CEO of Freightbag.

Freightbag has developed new, unique tools for efficient and environmentally friendly handling of construction bags. So far, the company has launched two patented products; a trolley that makes it easy to handle and move construction sacks and a stair climber that simplifies the movement of filled bags up and down stairs.

In addition to making the work easier for construction workers, Freightbag can also remedy the well-known problem of sacks that occupying space outside entrances, on pedestrian walkways or sidewalks and that have long caused the public both irritation and risks. The Freightbag concept makes it possible to pick up sacks directly from inside the workplace. Many people have already approved of the idea.

− Some of the country’s largest property owners and industry organizations that are currently working actively on sustainability and omproving the working environment have already shown great interest. They see our products as a catalyst in the process of getting subcontractors to live up to set sustainability and work environment goals and policies, says Mikael Gustafsson.

Mikael Gustafsson has worked in the waste sector for over ten years and has seen a great improvement potential for material handling and a clear need to create concrete, work-friendly management techniques.

− In many workplaces today, we see huge shortcomings in compliance with work environment rules and working conditions for construction personnel. Here Freightbag can really make a difference through our products, which are both far gentler than today’s alternatives, but also provide a greatly increased efficiency in the handling of the waste, says Mikael Gustafsson.

The company launched its products in Sweden in the spring of 2020 and has, among others, Statens Fastighetsverk on its customer list. Freighbag has a global expansion plan and they are currently preparing for launch in the Baltic region this autumn while also planning a launch in the US.

So far, the business has been financed by own capital and sales of products and services, but in connection with the expansion plan, various financing options are now being looked at.

− The reason for Freightbag’s existence is our willingness to contribute to sustainable development and a more modern working environment in the construction industry, but also in other industries where materials must be moved from one place to another. There is a need for change and great potential for improvement, in Sweden as well as globally, says Mikael Gustafsson.

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