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NEWS April 2, 2020

These Sting companies can help during social distancing

Startups across Sweden are offering their help in the battle against Covid-19 and ways to help us cope with the new era of social distancing. Here is a list of amazing Sting companies that are offering their services and digital solutions to help you to stay at home and fight the pandemic.

This list will be updated continuously, so stay tuned! 😊

Save Businesses

  • Brainville – Companies that have been forced to lay off, alert or consider dismissing staff are now offered a proven platform to temporarily lend their staff. At the same time, companies that need staff, but do not dare to employ, can advertise for free. Self-employed people are also welcome to search for assignments.


  • Care to translate, the medical translation tool available 24/7 for all types of healthcare professionals, is offering the Care to Translate Clinic app free to use until April 30. You can get a free account as a private individual or an account for the entire clinic.
  • ADHDdoktorn is helping people who temporarily have trouble getting to their regular clinic. If you are already undergoing treatment,they can help with renewal prescription. Book a time here (no introductory call needed).
  • BlueCall, the platform offering companies and their employees anonymous therapy counselling, is now welcoming employees and managers to use the service free of charge for two months.
  • MediCheck, the company offering specialist doctors online, now invites other healthcare providers to use their digital meeting platform without starting costs or licensing costs.
  • Snaptive, the digital counseling service where users can anonymously receive professional counseling and support, invites everyone to use their app for free until April 30. Use the code StayStrong20 when signing up!


  • Skillbreak is changing its creative workshops into live sessions and offers inspiring ways to tackle boredom and loneliness. Also, all 70+ people in Sweden are offered to participate free of charge!
  • edChild, together with Hoppetossa preschools, offers activities with the hope of inspiring new adventures for you and your children. Activities for both younger children (1-3 years) and older children (3-6 years) are available, and you can find the activity description in both English and Swedish on our Facebook page.
  • GroPlay offers a free subscription to their school service Grow Planet until July 31 (only in Swedish so far). Check it our here.
  • Learnster, the SaaS-based platform that helps organizations with onboarding and skills development, lists their tips on how to easily turn a physical event into a virtual event and include it in a training program. Find out more here.
  • Prion, the pre-school app, has listed different activities for parents to implement at home that are based on the national curriculum in Sweden.
  • Ugglo, the digital library for pre-schools and schools launches their popular audiobook service for consumers in order to help kids to read and learn while staying at home. As a Sting friend, you can now register by using the discount code: sting20


  • Eaesy is a mobile app that lets people pre-order food from different restaurants for pickup. It helps both people to minimize social contacts and restaurants by offering a way to continue their sales.
  • Karma, the food waste app, is now offering saved food deliveries from restaurants and grocery stores directly to your door. The company also offers a month’s subscription to Karma boxes.


  • Challengize, the team health challenge where all forms of sports activities count, has launched new digital training solutions for companies and their employees across the world. Stay healthy and active, while staying at home with Challengize.
  • Horsetech company Ridely has launched a new video feature that allows riders to share trainings directly with their riding coaches. The new video feature helps riders to continue riding practices despite social distancing.

Working from home

  • Beleco, the sustainable streaming company for furniture, is helping people working from home to rent an ergonomic and well-functioning home office without a fixed contract time and with free delivery to their door.
  • PushAppy, the digital platform that helps companies create positive behavioral changes that lead to increased motivation and higher results for employees, is offering several real-time challenges for people to stay motivated and engaged with their colleagues.
  • Hubbster Group, the SaaS-based platform that offers digital tools for activating strategies, has launched a 3-minute test, which is followed by a free analysis with recommendations on how you can succeed with your employee-driven work remotely. Find the test here (in Swedish only) and get your company’s recommendations.

Other services

  • Laundrop offers a door-to-door laundry service and under April, elderly people, people who are sick and healthcare workers are offered to use their medium package laundry for free.
  • Ciao Ciao Carsharing is recommending people to stay home and avoid any transports. Although, for those who do need wheels, Ciao Ciao’s app-based carsharing service helps you get a car without any human interaction.
  • Newsvoice, the free crowd-sourced news app with the aim to fix the news and filter bubbles, has released a special Corona news site. With Newsvoice, you can see the latest news of the pandemic worldwide here.
  • Vagon – Most CAD and 3D designers have no longer access to their workstations due to the lockdown. And there are multiple communities that have started campaigns for collaboration to create designs that can help during Covid-19. We offer those 3D designers free usage of vagon to join that collective effort.

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