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NEWS April 27, 2019

The tech company YourPDi takes in US-based Virtual Force as partner to accelerate and continue develop their app

The tech company YourPDi wants us to say “goodbye” to binders, folders and digital chaos and “hello” to your personal digitalisation with the app YourPDi. The company has now raised 205 000 USD to develop more advanced functionality and start the international expansion.

The app targets people who want to get in control of important documents and valuable information about themselves, their home, family, things and projects. Paper mess and digital chaos is evidently a big problem in many households since the app YourPDi (Your Personal Digitalisation), has been downloaded 17,000 times since launched in October 2018.

The founding team, Patricia Ingemarsson and Jenny Wuori, searched for a smart and modern solution to become organized and couldn’t find one. They took the matter into their own hands and developed the app YourPDi. The US-based tech and development partner Virtual Force, has been managing the development from the start. Now the companies are strengthening their cooperation by Virtual Force joining as a partner and receiving shares in exchange for professional services.

− The investment is 2.1 MSEK, but the real value is four times as much considering what the cost of purchasing the corresponding development services in Sweden would have been, says Patricia Ingemarsson co-founder and CTO. Together with Virtual Force, we will accelerate product development within UI / UX and adding expertise in blockchain and machine learning, states Patricia.

People’s own data is an important asset and individuals often struggle to find and manage it.

− YourPDi has created a new tool that facilitates both saving and searching for private information and provides a new solution, previously not existing on the market. We call it “Valuable Asset Management”. In addition to an international scalable product, we like the drive and passion of the founding team. They have the right mix of skills to grow the company, says Jamil Goheer, CEO and co-founder of Virtual Force.

Virtual Force, has previously invested in the Swedish medtech company MediCheck, and has a large development team with over 200 specialized engineers in app development and advanced security solutions.

− Virtual Force has an established and tested growth model that helps startups to cement a scalable foundation right from the start. Their experience in product design, technology and scalability will help us accelerate and focus on growth KPIs, maintains Jenny Wuori co-founder and CEO of YourPDi.

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