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The Accelerate program was truly good for us. We grew as a team, learned much more than we expected and got the coaching we needed for a successful fundraise.

Anton Trollbäck, All Aboard

It was definitely an important period for us of intense and focused work that provided us with an opportunity to learn at a rapid pace.

Elsa Bernadotte, Karma

The most valuable thing was getting to know the coaches. We bounced ideas off them many years after we graduated.

Michael Arnör, Sellpy

Having someone with entrepreneurial experience to bounce ideas with was great. Someone who didn't just want to get a good deal out of us, but who were on our side.

Christopher Barnekow, Barnebys

One of the best decisions in our early days was to join Sting. To be part of this community has given so much; coaching in sales, strategy and a “boost” in contacts and marketing.

Caroline Walerud, Volumental

The deeptech coaches have both strong technical and business backgrounds that have been invaluable for us to precisely draw our business strategy.

Iman Vakili, Sencept

Sting helped us grow significantly faster. Over the past six months, we’ve expanded our team, secured funding and have more than ten prospective customers.

Fredrika Kringberg, Relox Robotics

Being part of this community, giving and sharing and celebrating each other’s successes, contributed to us accelerating our business much faster.

Jimmy Hanna, Fairlo

The coaching and network of experts have been essential in building a stable base for our future expansion, and we now see great interest from both customers and investors.

Christina Lundbäck, SurfCleaner

In the past year, since joining Sting, we have expanded our team from three founders to 11 team members, launched our two services and finalised two investment rounds.

Sebastian Rudenstam, Beleco

I learned a lot about sales and still carry with me lessons from the sales training. The coaches also gave lot of great advice; some that I listened to, and some that I should have listened to.

Stina Ehrensvärd, Yubico

Sting gave us all the tools we needed to get our business off the ground and the continued support from all the coaches and fellow alumni even after we finished the program is a big part of our continued success.

Gustaf Svensson, Renbloc

Sting Test Drive was the trigger that made me decide I want to build a company. I learned a systematic method on how to iteratively assess my business ideas − starting by "getting out of the building".

Sebastian Haglund El Gaidi, Greenlytics

The emphasis on sales has been key for us. Our coach helped us to stay focused on the importance of developing our business and how to best achieve our goals.