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NEWS October 21, 2022

TeraSi adds third co-founder, closes pre-seed round to drive development of 6G hardware for Earth and space 

TeraSi’s ultimate aim is to build a new technology platform to enable the future of wireless technology at scale. 

The TeraSi team: Adrian Gomez Torrent, James Campion and Bernhard Beuerle 

TeraSi, a Stockholm based deep tech startup developing hardware for 6G applications, has added Adrian Gomez Torrent as a third co-founder and closed its pre-seed funding round to drive the next stage of its technology and product development. TeraSi’s ultimate aim is to build a new technology platform to enable the future of wireless technology at scale. 

Adrian joins TeraSi from beyond gravity, a market leader in the satellite industry, bringing cutting-edge expertise in the areas of antenna technologies and RF hardware for space applications. Adrian also has insider knowledge of all levels of the TeraSi technology platform, having previously worked together with TeraSi’s founding team in academia. TeraSi’s expansion and on-going technology development is enabled by a new private equity funding round which includes notable angel investors and seasoned industry experts, pushing TeraSi’s network and in-house expertise to the next level. 

“When you aim to bring something totally new to the table you need the best of the best on-board. We knew Adrian was the only man for the job – smart, driven and just crazy enough to make this work. We can’t wait to ramp things up together. We’re also delighted to be supported by such a great set of investors in our mission to create a scalable hardware platform.” James Campion, Co-founder 

TeraSi’s pre-seed round comprises new investments from noted angel investors Fredrik Posse, Per Björklund and Stefan Lindeberg and Dominic Davies and Andrew Stentiford (founding partners of Immetric Invest AB) as well as follow-on investments from KTH Holding and STING Holding. The funding allows TeraSi to continue industrialising their technology and start bringing new products to market, while also adding industry, IP and strategy know-how. 

“I am thrilled that Bernhard and James asked if I wanted to join as a third founder. The challenge of taking our technology from academia to the market is incredibly exciting. With my previous experience with this type of technology and in the space industry, my hopes are that I can take us one step closer to the goal of discovering the next revolution in wireless systems,” explains Adrian Gomez Torrent.

TeraSi was founded as a spin-off from KTH Royal Institute of Technology in 2020 by James Campion and Bernhard Beuerle to commercialise unique products developed during their PhD research, where they worked together with Adrian. TeraSi’s hardware offers improved performance at a greatly reduced size and weight, bringing maximum SWaP to demanding wireless applications above 60 GHz. TeraSi designs and manufactures its products in Stockholm and has a range of customers and partners in the test and measurement, space and wireless industry sectors. 

TeraSi is one of the companies in Sting Incubate Deeptech.


James Campion, 

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