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Violet Parduzi

Violet is our Office Manager and Event Coordinator

Violet Parduzi, Sting

+46 722233448

Violet brings her calmness, hospitality, creativity, and support skills to the Office Manager/Event Coordinator role. 


Violet grew up in Gothenburg, Sweden. At age 20 she started traveling on her own and has lived in Chicago, Miami, Barcelona, Cancun, Oxford, London, and now Stockholm.

Violet received a BA in International Hospitality Management from Oxford Brooks University, with a focus on events, customer service, administration, and marketing. 

10 quick questions

Hobbies: Dancing, CrossFit, handstands, yoga, meditation, and riding my longboard
Travels to: Where there is sunshine and a beach
Knows: How to live in the present.
Would love to meet: Joan of Arc, Rosa Parks, or Frida Kahlo
Thinks about: How the world would look like if it was run by women
Listens to: House, electronic and old school music 
Is excited about: Summer 
Reads: Self-learning
Watches: Watching crime series or documentaries
Learning now: Handstands, reading tarot cards, astrology, how to surf skate, and roller skate
Makes me angry: Injustice, bullying, and selfish people
Likes: fashion, music, meeting people, traveling, and creating

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