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Veronica Lundberg

Veronica is our digital marketing manager.

Veronica is responsible for Sting’s digital marketing and builds Sting’s brand in digital channels in combination with smart inbound marketing. Her inner nerd loves marketing technology and computer-driven decisions but is always complemented by her creativity.


Veronica most recently worked as Demand Generation Manager at the SaaS company &frankly. She has also helped edtech startup Snabbfoting, with their digital marketing strategies. Veronica’s gained her B2B marketing experience mainly from working at SaaS and IT companies with advanced technology.

What Veronica can help you with

If you have questions about conversion points on the website or how to get smarter automated flows that suit your creative and insight-driven marketing strategy, Veronica is the right person to talk to. She also knows a lot about content marketing and how to reach your target audience in the best way.

Veronica keeps herself up to date on all marketing technologies on the market and can give you advice on marketing platforms that suit your needs. Her best tip? Always keep in mind how to integrate tools and platforms.

10 Quick questions

Training: my brain, every day, you can always learn new stuff. Also powerwalking
Travels to: our summerhouse in Norrtälje
Startup I wish I had been a part of: Oatly
Other profession I’ve had: visual merchandiser
Knows: a little bit about a lot
Likes: downhill skiing
Dislikes: injustice and birds
Thinks about: how AI will affect our lives in the future
Listens to: audio books, jazz music and a bunch of different podcasts
Loves: my family and all of my friends

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