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Stina Lundgren Högbom

Stina is our Community, Partnership and Investor Relations Manager

Stina has extensive experience working with startups, especially in the Sportstech area.


Among many other things, Stina has been the Program Manager of SPIN, a SportsTech accelerator, with the overarching goal of personal and societal sustainability. She has also had different roles supporting startups at KTH innovation and she is one of the authors of the report “Swedish SportsTech, Top Three in Europe” published by Entreprenöskapsforum in 2021.

Stina holds a PhD from Karolinska Institute in the field of Medical Biochemistry.

10 quick questions

Training: any sport but mostly running, strength training
Travels to: Maui, Palo Alto or Italy
Startup I wish I would have been part of: Cake
Other professions I’ve had: sports coach, lab assistant, research coordinator 
Would love to meet: Per Albin Hansson
Is excited about: When you hear that something you helped some one with really pushed them in a good direction
Listens to: Virginia to Vegas, Elle King
Learning now: All the great workshops that the Sting startups get to listen in on
Makes me angry: War
Likes: Nature, Sun, sweets and “fika” in all it’s different forms
Can: Listen

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