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Sofia Sandell

Sofia is our Head of Talent Acquisition & Team Development

Sofia Sandell, Sting

+46 702 064356

Sofia has worked for several years with HR and helping startups scale up both in terms of recruitment and organizational development, at companies such as Lifesum and Qbtech.

10 quick questions

Training: Running & kayaking
Travels to: Norway or the westcoast
Startup I wish I would have been part of: Karma
Other professions I’ve had: Shop assistant at 7-Eleven
Knows: All about “bonus family” life
Would love to meet: Lars Lerin
Thinks about: Team dynamics 
Listens to: Ane Brun
Is excited about: Life
Reads: about sociology
Watches: series on relationships
Learning now: gardening 
Makes me angry: prejudice
Likes: Meeting new people
Can: Peer rescue kayaking

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