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Peo Nilsson

Peo coaches startups in the software/services, e-commerce and marketplace areas.

070-810 37 00

Peo is co-founder of He has been CEO of Pacer, which was acquired by the French company Valtech, and Industrimedia whose business was acquired by the Danish Aller group. Peo has long experience of sourcing financing both from private investors and venture capital companies. He has also worked in the venture capital industry at CapMan and in media groups such as Bonnier and Aller. 

Key skills

”My work has primarily focused on sales, marketing, building teams and recruitment, and corporate transactions/ capitalisation. I have coached teams and corporate management in companies from pure play startups to businesses with a turnover of 350 million SEK. I have also worked with tthe internationalisation of companies in the Nordic area, France, USA, Germany and Russia.”

Driving forces

”I think it is fabulously fun to build businesses. Throughout the years I have had a lot of experiences and learnings – from successes and mistakes. Being able to use those experiences in a board and coach role is extremely rewarding. And to furthermore get the chance to learn new things along the way is perhaps what drives me most.”

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