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Olof Berglund

Olof coaches healthtech companies.

070-635 98 15

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Olof has worked for 20+ years in the pharmaceutical and medtech industries, including Abbott Laboratories and Glaxo Wellcome. He has worked in various roles in both startups and large multinational companies. He has built up a number of new innovative companies from start and carried out many launches, both nationally and internationally.

Key skills

Olof has worked with marketing and sales of medicines and medtech products for over 20 years and has worked in both startups and large multinational companies.

Driving forces

”It’s fantastic to be a part of building up a company from the ground up which makes its money on its own innovations. Sales and marketing, both of which I love, are about influencing people, and it is an enormously positive experience to influence people into buying a product. By using the right mix of marketing and sales tools in combination with training most people can achieve success. I want to share my experiences so that you can succeed from the beginning.”


Chundsell Medicals AB, Antrad AB, Encare AB, Bioservo Technologies AB

10 quick questions

Hobbies: downhill and cross-country skiing, long-distance ice-skating, golf
Training: SATS
Listens to: all kinds of pop on Spotify (loves ABBA)
Travels to: Bodrum, Turkey
Dream startup to have been in: Virgin Galactic
Inspired by: John Cleese
Knows how to: sing karaoke
Doesn’t know how to: lose
Likes: speed
Doesn’t like: losing!

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