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Krim Talia

Krim coaches companies within HealthTech and DeepTech.

070-973 26 65

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He is a serial entrepreneur and co-founder of several successful companies in multiple industries, including Nanologica AB (publ. listed), Exeger AB, Depalma Work Wear, and Zibetto Espresso Bars Inc. in NYC. He is also the founder and sole owner of 3TInvest, one of Sweden’s most active seed round investors.

Krim holds a Phd from the Stockholm School of Economics. After finishing his PhD, he held the position of Postdoctoral Fellow at the Department of Economics at Harvard University. He has also served as Vice President Health and Life Science at RISE – Research Institutes of Sweden. He has also completed the Impact Investing Program at Oxford University.

Key skills

Krim brings expertise in the health and life science areas as well as in deeptech. He has extensive experience from startup financing, negotiations and dealmaking. “I have a decent eye for spotting talent and business potential, and a black belt in dreaming big.”

“I learnt a lot about the challenges involved in building a research-based materials company as the CEO of Nanologica for seven years. Navigating uncertainty and exploring a large and undefined space of potential application areas in several sectors, Nanologica later gave birth to spin outs in different industries, such as pharmaceutical development, solar cells and medtech.”

Driving forces

Money, Meaning and Mastery. I want to make money, I want to do meaningful things that impact society and people in a positive way, and I want to be good at it and do a great job.!


Werlabs, Mindler, Bonnier Healthcare, Changers Hub, and many more.

10 quick questions

Hobbies: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and meditation
Listens to: Sam Harris
Reads: Consolations by David Whyte
Travels to: Gotland
Biggest achievement: still curious
Biggest secret: still clueless
Dreams of: the future
Would have loved to have started: Earlier
Other job I’ve had: Fire eater
Would never: …

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