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Julia Hallin

Julia is our Head of Marketing & Communication.


Julia has 15 years’ experience marketing startups and scaleups from Sweden to Silicon Valley. She is especially excited about digital, inbound, and content marketing, growth strategies, and storytelling.

Julia holds a Master of Science in Marketing and Economics from Stockholm University, Lund University, and Melbourne University.

10 quick questions

Hobbies: Dancing, climbing, skiing, arguing with my three-legged cat
Listens to: Podcasts
Travels to: The north
Training: Running and gymnastics
Dreams of: Peace 🕊 and high mountains
Plays: The piano and PS4
Makes me angry: Thinking about how unfair the world is
Other jobs I’ve had: 100 different types of restaurant and bar jobs
Would never: Go to the moon
Trying to learn: To surf

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