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Jonas Lindqvist

Jonas coaches Gaming, Climate- and DeepTech companies.

070-350 49 69

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Jonas has founded and developed companies within computer games, civilian drones, 3D technology, visualization and Internet of things. Within computer games, he was CEO of the games studio Fabrication Games, which was sold to and Meqon Research, which, after the sale to AGEIA Technologies, now is part of Nvidia’s PhysX physics simulation. He has worked in roles as CEO, product manager, and business development and sales manager, and has experience in doing business mainly in Europe, North America, Middle East and Asia.

Key skills

Jonas has the ability to transform ideas into growth companies. He has a broad technology expertise and good leadership qualities that inspire people. In 2007-2010 , he was a resident of San Francisco, and possesses a large international business network with both investment and industry expertise.

10 quick questions

Is: an animal lover
Hobbies: drones, outdoor and garden chores at the country house
Travels to: Gotland, San Francisco, Åre and new destinations
Refuses: rarely
Can: stand on my head
Can not: stop being curious
Likes: new ideas
Allergic to: unnecessary rules
Must: find a solution
Wants to: build a house

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