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Jill Lindström

Jill is our marketing and communications director. She is also responsible for our events.

072-213 14 22

Jill builds Sting’s brand and is responsible for PR and international relations. She’s also responsible for our startup-investor events Sting Day and Demo Day, and also coaches Sting companies in PR and media relations.


Before joining Sting, Jill lived in Washington, DC, for 10 years. Her last position there was in marketing at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business. She has also worked in communications at The George Washington University, and on US presidential campaign events.

She has also worked at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in student recruitment and marketing.

Jill holds an MBA in financing from The George Washington University (2010) and a BA in Communications from Karlstad University (1999). She has also studied journalism at American University in Washington, DC.

10 quick questions

Workout: crosstraining, yoga
Listens to: USA-podden, Bon Iver
Watches: Billions, Homeland, dance programs, morning news
Reads: The Emperor
Other job I’ve had: maths teacher
Has: shaken hands with three American presidents
Learns: how to golf
Likes: New York, to sing
Thinks about: writing a book
Latest accomplishment: driver’s licence

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