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Frida Gerhardson

Frida is our Content Marketing Manager.

A Swedish New Yorker with one foot in marketing and the other in the design field. Frida has worked with small startups as well as established enterprises mainly in the US, planning and implementing strategic design, branding, and marketing campaigns.

At Sting, Frida manages social media, copywriting, PR, and visual design.

10 quick questions:

How would a friend describe you in 5 words? Opinionated, funny, outgoing, lively, and sassy.

Passionate about: Art, regardless of what shape or form. I’m an artist, writer, singer, and photographer.

Listens to: Anything and everything from Disney to classic rock. My playlists vary from “You gotta hear this song” to “Please don’t judge me”.

Travels to: Places where alarm clocks don’t exist, the sun is always shining and the pool is within visual sight at all times.

Plays: [periodically] a soccer fanatic.

Makes me angry: Rarely angry, however people walking slowly in front of me could frustrate the living daylight out of me.

Would never: Do something I didn’t already know I’d be brilliant in. If forced, I crumble.

Trying to learn: To play an instrument — so far, I can really rock an air guitar.

Hobbies: Cooking, psychology, and self-improvement, singing, and listening to podcasts.

Favorite quote: And those seen dancing were thought to be insane, by those who could not hear the music.

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