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Cecilia Bisgaard

Cecilia is our interim community and partnership manager.


Cecilia works to continuously strengthen the community of Sting companies by facilitating learning and knowledge sharing, while creating a fun and engaging atmosphere. She’s also strengthening the community and Sting brand by building strong, smart, and long-term partnership relations.


Cecilia has a background from the startup community in Skåne, where she was most recently responsible for Lund University’s incubator and its community while finding new ways to support student startups. She has an educational background in behavioral science and management, with a focus on behavioral design and learning. Cecilia is passionate about connecting people and organizations and loves creating new forums for knowledge sharing.

Cecilia can help you with…

Reach out to Cecilia if you are interested in learning more about how Sting works, our offer and how we can help you on your startup journey. You can also reach out to her if you are a company interested in becoming a Sting partner or would like to collaborate. She’s always open to bouncing ideas and of course – talk about behavioral science!

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