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Anurag Choudhary

Anurag is our Learning & Development Project Manager

Anurag is passionate about learning design and digital transformation. He has over nine years of experience in working across edtech companies, startups, and academia.


Anurag worked towards developing and implementing comprehensive technology integration and digital transformation programmes in international schools.

Before that, he managed the Nordic chapter of TiE (The Indus Entrepreneurs), a global network of tech entrepreneurs and investors initiating projects to improve equality and diversity in the tech startup ecosystem.

10 quick questions… 

  1. Training: Anything from LES MILLS™
  2. Favourite places to visit: Gotland and Bavaria
  3. The startup I wish I had been part of: Neo4j
  4. Other professions I have had: Meditation-facilitator, maths teacher
  5. Knows: Indian classical music and plays the flute
  6. Would love to meet: Ada Lovelace, Albert Einstein, and Tagore
  7. Is excited about: The technologies that will bring cleaner energy
  8. Listens to: Podcasts, classical, house
  9. Likes: Fika
  10. Watches: Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

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