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Meet your extended team

Our coaches are entrepreneurs themselves. They also have experience from leading roles at technology companies as well as from the venture capital industry. As a Sting company, you can expect a strong commitment from our whole team. We are your most dedicated supporters.

The Sting team

External Advisors

  • Photo of Paul Fischbein

    Paul Fischbein

    Investor within the e-commerce and consumer services industries. Chairman of the Board of PriceRunner, RevolutionRace and Fyndiq, among other.

  • Photo of Ludvig Linge

    Ludvig Linge

    Co-founder of T.A.T, which became a world leader of creating the best user experiences in smartphones. In 2012, T.A.T was acquired Blackberry.

  • Photo of Åsa Sånemyr

    Åsa Sånemyr

    Changemaker, CEO and Business Developer with long experience from working with entrepreneurs and their companies throughout their early stages, growth, and finally their sales. Åsa is a strong brand builder with costumer focus.

  • Photo of Patrik Möller

    Patrik Möller

    CEO of CorPower Ocean and a passionate deeptech entrepreneur with experience of building deep tech startups from first idea to multinational operations.

  • Photo of Ulrika Nordén

    Ulrika Nordén

    In 2010, Ulrika became CEO of IRnova and in a few years she created a world renowned and independent IR sensor and services company, attracting international researchers and experienced field experts.

  • Photo of Mårten Skogö

    Mårten Skogö

    Entrepreneur and CTO at Industrifonden. In 2001 he co-founded Tobii, the world leader in eye tracking where he remains as a board member.

  • Photo of Jane Walerud

    Jane Walerud

    A successful serial entrepreneur and investor. Jane joins companies early, often before incorporation, and invests time – about half time operative work until the company is stable – and up to 10MSEK.