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Meet your extended team

Our coaches are entrepreneurs themselves. They also have experience from leading roles at technology companies as well as from the venture capital industry. As a Sting company, you can expect a strong commitment from our whole team. We are your most dedicated supporters.

The Sting team

Industry Mentors

  • Photo of Jane Walerud

    Jane Walerud

    Serial entrepreneur and investor with a portfolio including Graphmatech, Racefox, Ekkono, Midsummer, Swedish Algae Factory, Volumental, Satcube and Klarna.

  • Photo of Tomas Wall

    Tomas Wall

    Business Angel and investor from Sustainable Energy Angels AB, Development and Strategy Consultant. Board Member of several tech companies.

  • Photo of Marie Fossum Strannegård

    Marie Fossum Strannegård

    CEO at IVL, Swedish Environmental Institute, a company offering research and consulting services.

  • Photo of Lena Höglund

    Lena Höglund

    Chairman of Leksell Gamma Knife Society and former VP of Global Marketing Neuro Solutions at Elekta

  • Photo of Anders Lundström

    Anders Lundström

    Founder of Svenska Aerogel Holding AB, Chairman and Board member of several tech companies.

  • Photo of Rickard Lagerqvist

    Rickard Lagerqvist

    Medical doctor and serial entrepreneur focusing on healthtech with companies such as Mindler and Werlabs in the portfolio.

  • Photo of Caroline Walerud

    Caroline Walerud

    Entrepreneur and investor in planet-positive deep tech. Executive Chairman and Co-Founder of Volumental and AirForestry. Partner at Walerud Ventures and Mentor at CDL.

  • Photo of Babak Sadighi

    Babak Sadighi

    Founder of Axiomatics AB with a background in IT-Security research. Advisor to Industrifonden with a focus on B2B software companies.

  • Photo of Nasim Bergman Farrokhnia

    Nasim Bergman Farrokhnia

    Senior lecturer at Karolinska Institute, Chairperson of eHealth Doctors and member of the board at Health Integrator and FindOut Diagnostics.

  • Photo of Christina Lundbäck

    Christina Lundbäck

    Founder and Chairman of the board of SurfCleaner, as well as bord member of CorPower Ocean and Cascade Drives.

  • Photo of Paul Fischbein

    Paul Fischbein

    Investor within the e-commerce and consumer services industries and Chairman of the Board of PriceRunner, RevolutionRace and Fyndiq, among others.

  • Photo of Erik Byrenius

    Erik Byrenius

    Co-founder and former CEO of OnlinePizza, which was acquired by Delivery Hero in 2012. He is now a Stockholm-based angel investor.

  • Photo of Ludvig Linge

    Ludvig Linge

    Investor and co-founder of T.A.T, acquired by Blackberry.

  • Photo of Åsa Sånemyr

    Åsa Sånemyr

    CEO of Changemaker and Business Developer with long experience transforming the fashion industry.

  • Photo of Patrik Möller

    Patrik Möller

    CEO of CorPower Ocean, board member of Ocean Energy Europe and ETIP Ocean, and a passionate deeptech entrepreneur.

  • Photo of Ulrika Nordén

    Ulrika Nordén

    CEO of Irnova, an independent IR sensor and services company, attracting international researchers and experienced field experts.

  • Photo of Mårten Skogö

    Mårten Skogö

    Entrepreneur and CTO at Industrifonden. Co-founder of Tobii and Jenser Technology, a research spin-off from the Royal Institute of Technology.

  • Photo of Björn Westerholm

    Björn Westerholm

    Seasoned entrepreneur who has held several CEO and board positions in deep tech companies over the past 22 years.