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NEWS June 20, 2018

Sting Demo Day released 13 new startup stars to the world

13 Sting companies graduated from Sting’s Accelerate and Incubate programs at Sting Demo Day at Bryggarsalen yesterday. An audience of over 130 investors and other guests listened when the companies presented their business ideas on stage.

Sting Demo Day is the final event for companies that have participated in the Sting Accelerate and Sting Incubate programs, giving them the opportunity to present their business ideas and plans for the future to a highly qualified audience of investors and potential business partners.

The lastest edition of Sting Demo Day treated the audience to pitches in as wide-ranging areas as innovative transport services, ethically-made leather accessories, access to specialist health care, and digital sales and marketing tools.

–Today, the tenth batch of Sting Accelerate completed their time with us, and with them 248 companies have now passe through Sting’s programs since we started in 2002, said Pär Hedberg, CEO of Sting.
–When I speak to companies that left our programs six months or a year ago, and have recently taken in an investment, it often turns out that it was here at Demo Day that they met their investors. It shows us that Demo Day actually works, and I think that’s a pretty cool thing, continued Pär Hedberg.
When the Demo Day audience was invited to vote for the day’s best pitch, the result was a tie betweenSuavoo and Airmee, who got to share the win.

Suavoo is a digital concierge that boosts customer experience at hotels. Through an on-demand platform, Suavoo offers hotel guests on-demand services in beauty, wellness and environmentally friendly transport.

“It felt great to win, especially because I’ve always felt it’s quite difficult to be stage. I’ve had a fantastic pitch coach here at Sting, Jenny Lindblad, who has helped me improve myself. We’ve also gotten a lot out of the business coaching during Sting Accelerate, especially as we have expanded our offer form beauty, where we began, to become a digital concierge. Being able to get feedback during that journey has been extremely valuable, said Linda Absberg, CEO and co-founder of Suvoo.

Airmee’s service changes how goods are transported in cities through revolutionary research-based technology that connects customers with messengers that can deliver good on-demand.

“It was especially fun to finish off our time in Sting Incubate with a win in the pitch competition. We have receieved great coaching from our business coach Ivar Strömberg, who has been a valuable sounding board both when things were going well, and when things were going not so well. Now it’s all about growing for us, said Julian CEO and co-founder at Airmee.

The companies that participated during Sting Demo Day were:

From Sting Accelerate

From Sting Incubate
Need Insights

NEWS January 21, 2016

High investor attendence at the year’s first STING Demo Day


More than 60 investors gathered on Tuesday Jan 19 for STING Demo Day, to listen to the twelve STING companies that pitched their business ideas. The event is the final step of the business development programs STING Accelerate and STING Incubate, and attracted a total of 170 specially invited guests.

STING Demo Day, organized by STING, has grown into a very popular event. Twelve startup companies presented their business ideas in areas such as digital health, e-commerce and marketing, for a specially invited audience of 170 investors, business profiles and journalists at the World Trade Center in Stockholm.

The event is held twice a year in order to give entrepreneurs the opportunity to build relationships with future investors, partners and other relevant people who can help them in their growth.

– STING Demo Day has proven to be one of the most important days for our entrepreneurs during the time with us. Today, we have seen strong results and driven team that really has the potential to go far, says Pär Hedberg, CEO and founder of STING.

All startup companies have since the start of the STING progams focused on testing their products and services to customers and sharpen business models and processes to grow faster. The entrepreneurs have made great progress both team- and product wise, with international launches, invetments and new established partnership.

Resrc, one of the companies that joined the program STING Accelerate, is developing a new consulting marketplace that dramatically simplifies the meeting between buyers and sellers. More than 6000 organizations are already using Resrc platform to make better business, and in 2015 received the benefit of the mission ads to a value of SEK 14 billion.

– The best thing about the program is that we have strengthened our focus on growth and reached close to a doubling of the registered company we had from the start. We have good visibility in the media, where we ranked number 7 in Internetworld’s Startup List. The STING team has also opened the doors to the investors, with who we will intensify dialogue when it is nearly time to take the next step in Resrc development and international expansion, says Manuel de Verdier, CEO and co-founder of Resrc.

Resrc also received, as part of STING Accelerate, an investment of SEK 300 000 at the start of the program from STING’s investment company Propel Capital. The investment is given to all teams in the program and with the aim of facilitating teams to focus on their business instead of chasing capital.

During the afternoon, the audience vote for the “Best of pitch”, and after a tight game named two companies winners: Airinum and Resrc.

Here are the companies that presented at STING Demo Day

STING Accelerate

Airinum combats one of the biggest health risks in the modern era: air pollution. The company’s first product is a new type of breathing mask for daily use with optimal protection and does not compromise on comfort or design.

Beatly provides a marketplace for influencer marketing, which aims to increase its clients’ social media presence, and to simplify for the world’s business to reach out with their message on social media.

Daily Bits Of
Daily Bits Of offers free courses to anyone who wants to work with their personal development. All courses are free, delivered daily via email in small portioned lessons.

Footmall is a search and marketplace for shoes. By gathering all the shoes at one place from a variety of retailers helps Footmall shoppers to save both time and money.

Jaramba is a world of adventure on the tablet, where children can freely explore at their own pace and according to their own interests, whether you like pirates, penguins, table tennis or pancakes. In Jaramba all content is carefully selected and free of advertising. Jaramba adapts to each child and tailor a unique adventure every time.

Karma is a shopping platform in a fun way allows users to find and share great deals. By users contribute content in the app, we get the data that companies need to attract, engage and regain customers, which was previously only possible for large enterprises. Karma is intelligent and learns our users’ shopping patterns, allowing us to provide offers that suit the user based on time, location and relevance.

Resrc creates future consulting market by being an independent marketplace that facilitates the meeting between buyers and sellers. More than 6000 organizations already using Resrc platform to do better business. In 2015 got these organizations take part in missions ads to a value of SEK 14 billion.

UNjobfinder is the leading global career platform in international development cooperation. Through innovative tools and professional support for recruitment, the company matches job seekers with employers.

STING Incubate

Beagle is a “lead generation” tool for small and medium-sized enterprises, which make it possible to identify visitors on a website through easy to use forms, and follow their activity over a long time horizon.

Exmet develops technology for additive manufacturing (3D printing) of components in amorphous and nanocrystalline alloys. Exmets technology enables weight reductions of up to 90 percent of mechanical components and up to 80 percent reduction in energy losses in magnetic components.

Moggles is a virtual reality headset with a modern smartphone makes it possible to step into the virtual reality. Their patented hardware is designed to be portable and user friendly, without compromising on a good user experience.

VisueCare is an innovative new cloud service that aims to ensure a good quality of care and safety of residents and relatives in elderly care. The application will also be a working tool for staff and support staff to do “a good job” in a more efficient manner.

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