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Insights April 19, 2022

Startup trends 2022: what’s happening in Sustaintech?

The pace of innovation in the sustaintech space continues to accelerate as a dire need to reverse climate change escalates. We spoke to Sting sustaintech coaches Karin Ruiz and Magnus Rehn to discuss what’s happening in this crucial part of the startup ecosystem.

With the EU aiming to reach climate neutrality by 2050 and public pressure reaching unprecedented levels, it’s no surprise that startups in Sustaintech/Climatetech/Greentech – or whatever you prefer to call it – are thriving.  

Sting coaches Karin Ruiz and Magnus Rehn work closely with Sweden’s most promising Sustaintech startups on a daily basis. Here, they share the latest trends in this space.  

As the industry grows, the capital flows

Today, sustainable business is the only way forward. Companies that do not take active steps to help the world reach net-zero will simply become redundant. Venture capital firms are increasingly impact-driven, and it’s not just for the good of humankind. It’s now widely accepted that sustainability and profitability go hand in hand. In Q2 2021, investment in European Sustaintech reached an all-time high of EUR 5.4 billion. 

“If you look at the amount of capital invested and the number of startups and scale-ups cropping up, the Sustaintech space is growing exponentially,” says Magnus. 

“People are becoming more and more aware of the importance of Sustaintech, and the positive correlation between sustainability and profitability. Investors know that in this space they can get a higher return on investment and future proof them while doing good at the same time,” he explains. 

Karin echoes this: “There are more and more voices arguing that if you have a measurable positive impact and put sustainability at the core of your business, it’s a clear indicator of future profitability. If the impact is a top priority the financial return will follow.” 

A matter of survival 

In the past, sustainability has been a nice to have, but today it’s a matter of survival for businesses, as well as our planet. 

“Today, there’s no other way forward. Policy and legislation play a part to some extent, but what we’re really talking about is survival. For example, if you want to raise a fund, more and more LPs will demand that you have a solid ESG strategy and are directly contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals. They need to be able to prove that the capital they invest is used in a wise way, not only from a return on investment perspective. It should also have a purpose,” explains Karin. 

Magnus also makes another crucial point: “If you want to attract the best talent, you need to be doing something positive. People want to join purpose-driven companies and to be proud of their work (or their investments). At least, I wouldn’t want to sit here and say ‘I’m personally invested in this company that makes plastic bottles and landmines.’”  

Sustaintech space is far from saturated 

Both Karin and Magnus believe there will be greater and greater demand for Sustaintech solutions that tackle the climate crisis – and the research backs this up. The International Energy Agency estimates that almost 50% of the technologies we need to get to net-zero by 2050 have not reached the market yet. Deploying mature technologies like solar and wind is crucial, but will not be enough. 

“We’re only scratching the surface of the Sustaintech market. If we look at the amount of capital invested into this industry over the last five years it has doubled every year. Is it a bubble? No, it’s not a bubble because the problem will not be solved – and the technologies are crucial. Of course, there will be companies and projects in this space that don’t make it, but as an industry, it will only grow. And we’re not just talking over the next 10 years, we’re talking 50 or more,” explains Karin. 

Risk mitigation is naturally occurring

When you invest, you inherently take on a certain amount of risk because you can’t predict the future. But in the Sustaintech space, this risk seems to be lower. 

“The risk is always there, but because there’s room for so many startups and solutions in this space, the risk is naturally less that a company or project won’t make it,” says Magnus. “More and more soft money is also being channeled to the Sustaintech space as a result of new policies such as the European Green Deal. These deals often require co-financing, so for example, the grant would provide financing of around 50% and the rest has to come from other sources in a hybrid agreement between public and private money. This basically means that as a private investor, you’re reducing the risk by half, and investors get more bang for their bucks, so to speak,” he adds.

Food, fashion, and circular solutions are in the spotlight

A high number of Agritech, Foodtech, and Circular Economy startups especially are cropping up. 

“We just reviewed the list of candidates for Swedish Sustaintech Venture Day, and what’s sticking out is the electrification of course because that’s our theme, but also Agritech,” says Magnus. 

At Sting, we’re also seeing an increasing number of highly promising startups join our programs too, for example, Flox, Ignitia, Karma, and Klimato – who recently put climate labels on all of the food at COP26. Other Sustaintech companies are Surfcleaner and Planboo.

“Over the last few years it’s been fun to follow these types of projects but now they’re getting serious and the Agritech sector is growing quickly, especially in southern Europe,” he adds. 

“There’s also a crossover between Bioeconomy and the fashion industry, where there’s a particularly high demand for innovative new solutions and circular business models. So many fantastic startups are cropping up in the space. For example, Sting company Reselo, which has developed a fully sustainable bio-rubber that can be used in shoes, and others like Sellpy, It’s Re:leased and Hack Your Closet are really trailblazing in the re-use space,” says Karin.

Working with an innovative Sustaintech solution?

Apply to Sting now for your chance to join a community of like-minded entrepreneurs and get access to a vast support ecosystem so you can make a bigger impact, faster.

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Electrification is creating a demand for smarter energy storage

Where the use of fossil fuels is declining, electrification is rising. As a result, Magnus and Karin say we need more innovations in the energy storage space. 

“Today, we must be able to transport energy from one point to the next safely and efficiently and store intermittent sources of energy (like solar and wind) so we can rely on these power sources at a later date. To do this, we need innovative, effective ways to store and distribute energy. One way to manage this, for example, if we’re talking about battery-powered vehicles, is to use them as a crowdsourced storage solution when they’re plugged in. But you also need to have a smart grid to enable this,” explains Magnus. 

With the rise in electrification, it’s no surprise that startups in the battery technology development space are also getting a lot of attention at the moment, such as Enerpoly, who has developed rechargeable zinc-ion batteries,  and Cling Systems, which is creating a circular economy for lithium-ion batteries. 

“Finding alternative battery solutions that do not use rare metals that are very hard and dangerous to mine should also be top of the agenda, as well as recycling of these materials. Although electrification can be a good thing, we must limit the number of natural resources we need to produce these batteries and increase their longevity or this will not be a sustainable long-term option,” says Karin.

Credibility is key (especially for early-stage startups)

It’s hard to talk about startups without talking about teams, and Sustaintech startups in particular need to make sure they have the right people on the bus.

“When building a startup in this space so much of it is about who you have on the team because the credibility aspect is so important. If you’re just a couple of enthusiastic students who want to change the world (which I’ve met a lot of), that really is great as you need drive and energy. However, you also need sustainability experts and industry on your team who bolster your credibility and really know their stuff when it comes to impact. If you can bring them into your core team, establish a group of advisors. If you have credible people involved in your business it’ll provide a crucial quality stamp that’s much more critical than in other sectors,” explains Karin. 

Impact entrepreneurs must prioritize scalability 

Impact and scaling go hand in hand – and early-stage startups need to think big. As awareness of climate change rises, people also increasingly want to see facts and figures that back up your level of impact. 

“From the get-go, Sustaintech startups should be asking themselves: how do we scale? How can we make a bigger impact? I always encourage our startups to really think big, as they often limit themselves at the beginning” says Karin. 

“Sustaintech entrepreneurs also need to work out if what they’re doing will really have a big impact in the first place – or is it just incremental? This is why it’s important to closely measure impact with accurate assessment tools and KPIs. It’s also super important to choose the right business model, meaning the one that allows you to make the biggest impact possible and be truly scalable. Investors will also look closely at scalability and potential negative implications of your solution, so startups need to get this right,” Karin adds.

Even if in the early stages it’s a bit of a guessing game, Karin stresses that showing you’ve thought it through from early on and have an impact assessment as part of your business model from the very beginning is key to success. Internationalization should also be considered early on.

“A lot of these markets are truly international, for example, when it comes to energy, you can’t limit yourself to the Swedish market. A lot of the big B2B customers are international companies. It’s also worth remembering that while the same problem might be everywhere, the solution might be different for different geographies,” says Karin.

“The fact you can demonstrate you’re able to understand frameworks, see the value in measuring impact shows, and looking beyond your immediate market shows you’ve done your homework and you’re serious. If you don’t build this into your plan, you’ll be taken by surprise,” Karin adds. 

NEWS September 13, 2018

Kavalri Games won the Dragon’s Den at Invest in Games

Brand-new Sting company Kavalri Games won the Dragon’s Den competition ending the well attended Invest in Games event yesterday. 

Sweden’s leading event for developers and investors in the game industry, Invest in Games, took place at Nasdaq.The audience at the event gained insights and perspectives from international speakers and the Game Developer Index 2018 was presented. The event ended with a “Dragons’ Den” when 4 selected startups pitched in front of a panel of investment experts. Following a thrilling voting, involving both the Dragons and the audience, the Kavalri Games won the 1st prize and tickets to the game exhibition Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.

“We’re proud and excited to have won the Dragon’s Den at Invest in Game. We see it as an evidence that our game Equestrian the Horse Game has great business potential and that our pitch reached its audience. We now look forward to spreading the word about Kavalri Games at GDC in San Francisco,” said Molly Ericson, Co-founder of Kavalri Games.

NEWS June 20, 2018

Sting Demo Day released 13 new startup stars to the world

13 Sting companies graduated from Sting’s Accelerate and Incubate programs at Sting Demo Day at Bryggarsalen yesterday. An audience of over 130 investors and other guests listened when the companies presented their business ideas on stage.

Sting Demo Day is the final event for companies that have participated in the Sting Accelerate and Sting Incubate programs, giving them the opportunity to present their business ideas and plans for the future to a highly qualified audience of investors and potential business partners.

The lastest edition of Sting Demo Day treated the audience to pitches in as wide-ranging areas as innovative transport services, ethically-made leather accessories, access to specialist health care, and digital sales and marketing tools.

–Today, the tenth batch of Sting Accelerate completed their time with us, and with them 248 companies have now passe through Sting’s programs since we started in 2002, said Pär Hedberg, CEO of Sting.
–When I speak to companies that left our programs six months or a year ago, and have recently taken in an investment, it often turns out that it was here at Demo Day that they met their investors. It shows us that Demo Day actually works, and I think that’s a pretty cool thing, continued Pär Hedberg.
When the Demo Day audience was invited to vote for the day’s best pitch, the result was a tie betweenSuavoo and Airmee, who got to share the win.

Suavoo is a digital concierge that boosts customer experience at hotels. Through an on-demand platform, Suavoo offers hotel guests on-demand services in beauty, wellness and environmentally friendly transport.

“It felt great to win, especially because I’ve always felt it’s quite difficult to be stage. I’ve had a fantastic pitch coach here at Sting, Jenny Lindblad, who has helped me improve myself. We’ve also gotten a lot out of the business coaching during Sting Accelerate, especially as we have expanded our offer form beauty, where we began, to become a digital concierge. Being able to get feedback during that journey has been extremely valuable, said Linda Absberg, CEO and co-founder of Suvoo.

Airmee’s service changes how goods are transported in cities through revolutionary research-based technology that connects customers with messengers that can deliver good on-demand.

“It was especially fun to finish off our time in Sting Incubate with a win in the pitch competition. We have receieved great coaching from our business coach Ivar Strömberg, who has been a valuable sounding board both when things were going well, and when things were going not so well. Now it’s all about growing for us, said Julian CEO and co-founder at Airmee.

The companies that participated during Sting Demo Day were:

From Sting Accelerate

From Sting Incubate
Need Insights

NEWS June 4, 2018

Surfcleaner AB appoints Mikael Andersson as new CEO

Christina Lundbäck and Mikael Andersson, Surfcleaner.

Surfcleaner AB enters an industrialization and commercialization phase and is strengthening the organization through the recruitment of Mikael Andersson who has over 20 years of experience as CEO of industrial companies.

Surfcleaner have developed a patented technique for absorbing and separating pollutants floating on the water surface. The increased awareness and focus on improving our environment has led to an increased demand for technical solutions for water purification. Surfcleaner see an increased demand and will therefore focus on industrializing and commercializing the products on an international market.

Mikael Andersson is appointed as new CEO of Surfcleaner. Mikael has more than 20 years of experience as CEO of industrial companies, focusing on structuring, internationalization and growth. Mikael also has experience from product companies with customer focus and industrialization of products. His most recent experience includes a CEO position at ÅAC Microtec, where he was a part of the IPO process on Nasdaq First North.

– I am delighted to be joining the Surfcleaner team. Surfcleaner has a fantastic innovation and I am looking forward to helping the company grow and strengthen Surfcleaner’s position as one of the leading suppliers of water purification products. We have for a long time, polluted our planet by releasing hazardous waste in to our seas, lakes and rivers. So it is very inspiring to be a part of the solution to the problem, stated Mikael Andersson, the newly appointed CEO for Surfcleaner AB.

– I am pleased to welcome Mikael as CEO of Surfcleaner. This is an important step in our growth strategy to establish Surfcleaner as one of the largest European suppliers of products to the water purification market. With his solid skills and experience, Mikael is an important component of our continued expansion, stated Christina Lundbäck, owner and CMO at Surfcleaner AB.

For more information:
Please visit: or contact:
Chairman of the board Christina Lundbäck,, +46 70 868 88 26 CEO Mikael Andersson,, +46 70 515 26 00

About Surfcleaner:
Surfcleaner has developed a new patented technology to eliminate and separate pollution from water surfaces. Customers are authorities and companies that have problems with pollution on water. Surfcleaner can be used on the open seas, offshore, rivers, ports, wells, water treatment plants and water towers. It eliminates proteins, foam, debris, oil sheen and thicker oil from water surface.

NEWS May 14, 2018

Elly Pistol starts US expansion – closes funding round

From left: Andreas Andersson, Emma Sund, Siah Javaheri, Cecilia de Champs and Peter Lenerius

From left: Andreas Andersson, Emma Sund, Siah Javaheri, Cecilia de Champs and Peter Lenerius

Elly Pistol, the online fashion company dedicated to the digital generation, raises 2.4 MSEK from existing and new owners and at the same time announces the recruitment of Peter Lenerius as new CEO. Peter will be taking on the challenge of commencing Elly Pistol’s establishment in North America.

Elly Pistol is a digital street wear brand launched in 2015. The company was founded by Cecilia de Champs with the goal of creating non-seasonal products. Since its inception, the brand has received a lot of attention in social media and already has customers in over 40 countries.

“Our biggest market is still Sweden, as it is the only country we have actively marketed us so far, but thanks to our e-commerce and communication with our customers through digital channels, we see that the interest for our products in the US is growing rapidly, says Cecilia de Champs, founder of Elly Pistol.

In order to meet demand from North America, Elly Pistol has during the Spring signed agreements with key distributors in both the US and Canada. The deal with the major US agent The Park Showroom will take the brand out in stores across the country.

“We see it as a strength to be able to partner with a major player as the Park Showroom. Through this partnership, we get a network of re-sellers, marketing and the possibility of physical presence in this gigantic market. We also see increased demand from home retailers and now we feel we have such a strong digital platform and online presence that it’s time for us to meet our customers in more places, she continues.

Elly Pistol has now closed a follow-on financing round of 2.4 million kronor to be used for production to meet increased demand and marketing in the United States. Investors in the financing round include JNE Invest, as well as the entrepreneur and investor Fredrik Adolfsson.

As part of the company’s expansion, the company has also hired Peter Lenerius as new CEO.

“We are delighted that Peter joins us. His experience from fast-growing companies and internationalization will be a very important addition now when we are taking the next step in our journey, says Cecilia.

“Cecilia and the team have done a fantastic job of building Elly Pistol into a strong digital brand in Sweden. There is now a great opportunity to take the company to the next level with new sales channels and markets, where we see the highest potential for rapid growth in the USA,” said Peter Lenerius.

Peter comes from a position as Nordic CEO of the California surf and lifestyle brand Hang Ten and has previously been responsible for the internationalization of the Rehband sports brand, where he worked as a global CEO.

Elly Pistol participated in the Sting Accelerate program during Spring 2017.

About Elly Pistol
Elly Pistol is primarily known for its bomber jackets jackets in different colors seen frequently seen in social media and on influencers. The company has nearly 40,000 followers in its own Instagram account.

More info
Cecilia de Champs,

NEWS March 29, 2018 raises 2 million SEK and plans to change the way we consume news, a news app that aims to change the way we read the news, raises 2 million SEK from private business angels and Almi Invest for further expansion of their service. is a news app and a community that provides links to high quality articles with different perspectives, in one place. The app scans and analyzes news articles on hundreds of news sites and categorizes the content, but in the end it is up to the readers to decide how the content will look. The service acts as a mix of Google News, Reddit and Wikipedia and is intially targeted at the US market. The company was founded just over a year ago by Viktor Lidholt, who has a background from Google in Silicon Valley.

– The American news market is dominated by a few large media groups. We want to move the power to our readers, but in a way that allows us to guarantee high quality content. Moreover, we always display news from multiple perspectives. For example, if you want to read about the conflict in Syria, we can provide the reader perspectives on the news from the US, Russia, Europe and the Middle East, creating a better understanding of how the issue is perceived in various parts of the world, says Viktor Lidholt, founder and CEO of has raised 2 million SEK, to start promoting their app on a larger scale. The round was led by ReadSoft founder Lars Appelstål, who invested along with BLCBX Investment Group and a number of private business angels. Almi Invest also contributed 300,000 SEK. Propel Capital has previously invested in

– I think has both the ability and the right product to make a real difference in the media landscape. They are creating a global platform that can solve many of the problems that are present today, from filter bubbles to fake news, says Lars Appelstål.

– We are at the beginning of our journey and our vision is to fundamentally change people consume news. The potential is enormous. Not only because we have a strong product, but also because there is a real need, says Viktor Lidholt.

For more information contact
Victor Lidholt, CEO and founder of or 070-759 68 38.

About is developing a new kind of news app, initially targeting the US market. The app shows gives multiple perspectives on current news and lets the readers themselves help curate content. With its solution hope to stop false news being spread, and reduce the risk of filter bubbles.

NEWS November 28, 2017

DPOrganizer closes 3 MEUR Series A round led by Industrifonden

DPOrganizer raises a 3 MEUR Series A investment round led by Nordic VC firm Industrifonden. Other investors include Creades, existing owners Inbox Capital, Soläng Invest and private investors. The financing will be used to ramp up global expansion, keep strengthening the product and grow the tech team in Stockholm.

Sweden-based regulation tech company DPOrganizer offers a Saas tool that helps businesses map, visualize, report on and manage their personal data processing. The software helps businesses comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which comes into effect on May 25, 2018. The regulation affects any business handling personal data of European citizens. Due to the rapidly growing GDPR market, DPOrganizer has grown tenfold over the last year, both in number of employees and in revenue, and serves customers in Europe, Asia and the US.

“It has been important for us to find investors who truly understand the craft of building a business. We are very happy to get Industrifonden and Creades onboard, both of whom share our vision and can help us grow smarter and faster. Hundreds of thousands of businesses will be affected by the GDPR, and we now stand better positioned to become an important player in the market,” says Egil Bergenlind, CEO and founder of DPOganizer.

With less than 6 months to go, previous studies have shown that only 6% of UK FTSE 350 companies are completely prepared for the GDPR. A Swedish study indicates that 92 % of European companies are not at all prepared for GDPR.

“GDPR is not only about compliance, it’s about handling personal data in a way that your customers would expect you to. In short, it’s about trust. With the deadline approaching, we find that more businesses are starting to do the work needed and understand the reasons behind having to do it,” says Egil.

”We’re thrilled to join forces with DPOrganizer to meet big challenges on many markets. We are very impressed by the company’s growth so far and their strong product. What convinces us the most though is how much their customers love the product. We believe DPOrganizer has the potential to become a market leader,” says Sara Resvik, Industrifonden tech investor, who also joins the company’s board of directors.

About DPOrganizer
Data Protection Management Software company DPOrganizer was founded in Stockholm in 2015 by Egil Bergenlind, previous Chief Compliance Officer at iZettle. DPOrganizer offers a Saas solution to help businesses live, and grow, with GDPR. The company is headquartered in Stockholm, with sales offices in London and Amsterdam. Other co-founders include Sebastian Norling, CTO, previously from Viaplay, Head of Design Andreas Yannelos, previous product owner at Radioplay within Bauer Media, and Head of Sales Lelle Cryssanthander, with a background as CEO of Wineasy within Song Networks Group.

About Industrifonden
Industrifonden is a Nordic venture capital investor, partnering with technology and life science companies with global potential. Industrifonden-backed companies include: Qlik, Oatly, Soundtrack Your Brand, Adfenix och Fishbrain.

Egil Bergenlind, CEO and Founder, DPOrganizer
+46 707 25 97 09

Sara Resvik, Investment Manager and Investment Lead for DPOrganizer, Industrifonden
+46 708 47 99 84

NEWS October 30, 2017

On-demand car wash Woshapp launches collaboration with DriveNow

The car wash industry challenger Woshapp has started a collaboration with car-sharing service DriveNow. Woshapp will wash DriveNow’s whole fleet of 300 cars in Stockholm.

Woshapp is the car wash that comes to you with a simple push of a button on your phone. Using an environmentally friendly car shampoo adapted to the Nordic climate, water-saving washing technology as well as bicycle transports, Woshapp is an environmentally-friendly and time-saving car wash option. A typical automatic car wash consumes approximately 200 liters of water per wash, compared to Woshapp’s washing technology, which only needs 350 ml of water per wash.

– We are very pleased that DriveNow is choosing Woshapp’s car wash solution. Not least because car-sharing services contribute to reduced climate impact, but also because this gives us the possibility of expanding internationally together with DriveNow, one of the world’s leading car-sharing services, says Jens Karlsson, co-founder and CEO of Woshapp.

– That a major player like DriveNow chooses Woshapp confirms that our washing method works well and that there is a demand for our innovative and environmentally friendly service among established companies. We will be recruiting new car attendants to join us on this journey, continues Jens Karlsson.

– Woshapp gives us a cost-effective solution and the ability to wash our cars in an environmentally friendly way. Our services have a lot in common and we look forward to a long-term partnership that will increase profitability for both companies, says Henric Hedenqvist, Senior Fleet Manager at DriveNow.

About Woshapp
Woshapp wants to revolutionize the car wash industry in a sustainable way. The service is an environmentally friendly car wash alternative, that saves water and uses environmentally-friendly cleaning agents. Businesses and private customers in Stockholm can easily book a car wash online. When the reservation is made, Woshapp sends its car attendant to the designated place where the car is washed. Upon completion of the car wash, before and after images are sent to the customer.

Jens Karlsson, CEO and co-founder at Woshapp: Mobile: 072-324 91 91, E: mail:

NEWS August 28, 2017

Here are the new Sting Accelerate companies

The eight startups that have been selected for the fall batch of Sting’s Accelerator program offer solutions ranging from car wash to Facebook for riders. All companies receive SEK 300,000 from Sweden’s most active private seed investor, Propel Capital, to accelerate growth.

The selected group of Sweden’s most promising startups will receive intensive coaching during 20 weeks by Sting’s coaches to increase the pace of development, rapidly enter the market, and increase the chance of success.

– The new Accelerate companies want to strengthen their sales efforts and represent services ranging from car wash to Facebook for riders and SaaS services for training companies. The group is made up of strong entrepreneurs who will be able to lift and inspire each other. They will certainly impress the startup world, says Ivar Strömberg, coach at Sting.

New this year is that, in addition to support from Sting’s experienced coaches, the companies also have access to 30 hours that can be used for buying coaching offered by external experts in areas such as SEO / SEM, UX and Conversion Optimization .

One of the new companies is Woshapp, which simplifies car wash by going to the customer and washing the car on site, utilising an environmentally friendly washing method.

– We have exciting contracts with some big companies that have many cars, and we already have over 20 percent recurring customers. We applied to Sting because they have extensive knowledge and have helped a large number of companies during many years. We are very excited to have been selected to the program. We are now looking forward to tough and sincere coaching that can seed up our growth rate, says Jens Karlsson, co-founder of Woshapp.

Another company has developed Ztable, an app for riders, offering a training calendar, inspirational riding exercises and a social network.

– We had a very successful launch in early summer and now have 17,000 downloads. We are looking forward to being challenged by Sting so that we can increase the pace and get even better. Getting access to Sting’s network, know-how and coaching will be a great opportunity for us, says Ingrid Sundqvist, founder and CEO of Ztabler.

In addition to coaching in business development and financing, the eight Sting Accelerate companies, also receive support in recruitment and communication, and get access to Sting’s network of business contacts and investors. During the program, Sting companies are offered free office space at the internet hub SUP46 in central Stockholm. Since the start of 2002, Sting has coached over 200 startups. Among the Accelerate companies are Sellpy, Dreams, Karma, Mondido and Sudio.

The following eight startup companies are included in the fall of Sting Accelerate:

Gigital is the first completely digital solution for booking live performers for professional and private events. As a customer you can search, filter, sort and compare the wide range of performers. Completely without middle men. All the communication and payment is done fast and easy directly over the platform.

GoFrendly We love friendship stories! GoFrendy offers women of all ages and regardless of their life situation an opportunity to create new friendships in a safe environment and through a smart and easy matching process. GoFrendly is available for download on the App Store and released for Android in September 2017.

Kinexit is an online subscription service bringing individualized movement to those serious about health, fitness, and sports. Active people, athletes and those who coach, train and treat them. Activity participation and sports performance is fully individualized and optimized to drive fast results. Movement restrictions are found and fixed to unlock greater possibilities for anyone. All this in an affordable subscription on your mobile device.

Learnster is a learning ecosystem and the first cloudbased end-to-end service for learning providers and consultants. Learnster cut time spent on managing courses by 50 percent, saving money on every level, modernizing and distributing course content and making it available in all devices, and most importantly – increases the learning experience and outcome. With Learnster our clients can futureproof their learning offer and business.

Pushappy is a clever tool that make selling both more effective and fun.
With our app system your sales will increase fast, using our gamification concept.
All sales within the goals you set will be followed up in real-time, helping you to act proactive upon results and get your sales force more motivated than ever.

Wopify wants to create the world’s smartest job matching engine and offer people who already have an employment the opportunity to discover new exciting job challenges worldwide, while remaining 100% anonymous.

Woshapp is the car wash that comes to you. For every car we wash with our proven formula, we save around 200 liters of water. Our formula is also gentle on the paint and reduces the risk of scratches and swirl marks. With Woshapp you just press a button while we take care of the rest. Easy, convenient and safe.

Ztable is an app designed especially for riders. It contains a training calendar, inspirational videos and a social network. We give equestrians on all levels the opportunity to share their passion, develop their riding and achieve their goals. Free on AppStore and Google play.


Internet/media December 23, 2013

“Find people who are better than yourself”


At the end of last week, STING’s FastForward team popped over to Klarna’s headquarters here in Stockholm. Since Sebastian Siemiatkowski, Niklas Adalberth and Victor Jacobsson founded the e-commerce business in 2005, it has been quite a ride. With the recent acquisition of rival Sofort (DE) earlier this week, Klarna is today one of the leading European online payment services with more than 1000 employees.

We sat down with Klarna’s deputy CEO Niklas Adalberth for lunch, and looped through as much of their journey as we could fit into one hour. Niklas is a modest man with – needless to say – ­­tons of advice for young entrepreneurs. Here are five of them:

Young and inexperienced is a great benefit
According to Niklas, being a rookie was definitely not a problem. “Looking back in hindsight, a big advantage was that we were young and inexperienced when first starting out. Partly because that gave us the courage to jump into this industry, and partly because our lack of expertise in certain areas made us find other talented people who represented the missing skills.”

“We hold an incredibly strong focus on sales. It should be every company’s top priority.” – Niklas Adalberth

Take your idea for a test-drive
Klarna is a product success as much as it is a sales success, Niklas revealed. “We hold an incredibly strong focus on sales. It should be every company’s top priority.” He suggests creating a prototype and test-drive your idea in the very early stage. Don’t spend months on just the product before testing the market and collecting inputs, ideas and other valuable insights from your customers.

“Try to find people who are better than yourself”
Since inception, the Klarna founders have been persistent with employing strong and high-performing people. “Try to find people who are better than yourself, who complement you,” said Niklas. At the same time, he does admit this is a difficult task – especially in the beginning. One reason why Klarna managed to attract talented people from start is related to the generosity of offering equity stakes. “If you give your employees a reason to be motivated, it’s much more likely you’ll find the right people,” Niklas clarified.

Consider a logical reasoning test
Business angel and investor Jane Walerud has been an eminent support for Niklas, Sebastian and Victor, not just financially. Early on, she encouraged them to, among other things, introduce a logical reasoning test in the hiring process. Simply put, the test is a good indication to how well a prospective employee would cope with a rapidly expanding business. Niklas said Klarna applies it in the recruiting process still. “It’s a frank and predictable test, and Sebastian and myself are very adamant about this.”

Right person in the right position
To constantly re-evaluate the team and who does what within the company has become a vital activity for Klarna, due to its speedy growth. “What’s most difficult, but also most necessary when building a business is to repeatedly challenge yourself to assess the team and employees’ roles,” Niklas said. He gave a clear example: “We spend a lot of time ensuring we have the right people on our board and there’s been some changes to it almost on an annual basis since the start.”

Thanks Niklas for having us, it was a great pleasure!