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NEWS January 21, 2016

Sellpy receives 8,2 MSEK from H&M and more

The STING Alumni company Sellpy welcomes 8,2 MSEK from H&M and a number of tech investors, the tech site Breakit reveals.

Sellpy, the company that helps you sell the stuff that you no longer use, will now focus on expanding the market and the team. The venture capital comes from the clothing giant H&M (SEK 5 million), Ryska Posten founder’s company Jeansson Pilotti (750 000), Gymgrossisten founder David Frykman (100 000) and the investment company DIG Investment (SEK 1.5 million).

“We are very pleased with the investors who decided to jump on the bandwagon. Both in terms of capital, but of course the knowledge and capacity they represent,” says Michael Arnör, CEO and founder of Sellpy, to Breakit in a statement.

Sellpy makes it easy and painless to get rid of the stuff that are no longer of use. The concept is simple: you order a Sellpy bag, fill it with things you want to get rid of, Sellpy picks it up and then sells the content on Tradera.You share the earnings equally.

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