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NEWS March 14, 2019

Seven Sting companies receive funding through Vinnova’s Innovative startups program

Harvest Moon, Imagilabs, Kavalri Games, Mendi, PerceptiLabs, Relox Robotics and SciMind have been awarded SEK 300,000 each in grants via Vinnova’s Innovative startups program. The grants are given to startup companies who want to grow in Sweden and have an innovative business concept that meets international competition.

The funding must go to projects with high risk and great potential that increases the company’s ability to attract customers, capital or investments.

– This grant means a lot to us. Now we have the opportunity to produce a demo product. Parts of the money will also go to IP and marketing, says Åsa Karlsson, CEO and founder of Harvest Moon, which develops a toilet that separates and converts the waste into plant nutrients.

– We are very happy for the funding! We will use the money to iterate a better business strategy, says Martin Isaksson, CEO and founder of the deep learning company Perceptilabs.

– We are very happy and proud of the Vinnova grant and it comes with perfect timing. This enables us to continue working with our system for universities and colleges to connect them with companies in a smart way. We already have customers in three parts of the world and know that the university-business connection is not done effectively. It is an exciting time for us and we are extremely grateful that Vinnova exists and believes in us, says James Bennett, CEO of SciMind.

Two companies that have undergone the Sting Test Drive Edtech program also received a grant: Royal Scheduler and Tntor.

Vinnova has hired experts with relevant expertise who have assessed the projects. The selected projects were considered to have the highest potential, the most credible structure and the most qualified team, but the company is in the early phase and needs to fill the company with content in the form of knowledge and assets.