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NEWS February 3, 2016

Peppy Pals releases new EQ game – Reggy’s Playdate


Reggy’s Playdate joins Peppy Pals’ award-winning series of unique apps that teach kids ages 2-8 about Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in a groundbreaking yet simple way.

Being able to recognize, understand and manage emotions are skills essential for children’s well-being. Peppy Pals believes it is easier to build strong children than to repair broken adults. By gamifying EQ, Peppy Pals has transformed a complex yet central subject into something fun and engaging.

– Usually games make my kids unresponsive, but thanks to their new digital pet Reggy my kids open up and become more social, says Robert Manns, parent.

The spin-off Reggy’s Playdate is an exciting and interactive open-ended game that allows kids to explore emotions such as happiness, anger and fear with their engaging digital pet Reggy. Not only will children learn about emotions, but also empathy and friendship when they take care, comfort and play with their new pet. As with Peppy Pals’ previous apps, there is no ”right or wrong”. Instead, all emotions are allowed. The aim is to encourage adults and children to practice emotions on a daily basis and increase EQ worldwide.

Peppy Pals is determined to keep their innovativeness while putting kids first, and is among the first players in the field to introduce 3D Features for iOS. This will be added to their otherwise qualitative animations and impressive facial expression that characterize the brand.

– We have taken emotional learning to the next level, says Rosie Linder, CEO and founder of Peppy Pals.

Today, around 80 percent of all children are victims of bullying and/or cyber-bullying. Emotional Intelligence is seen to prevent that. Joining forces with major companies such as Yale University & Lady Gaga, Facebook and Disney/Pixar’s Inside Out, Peppy Pals hope to raise awareness of the critical role EQ has on society. By adding the expert blog “1 minute Peppy Talks to their EdTech-platform, the company also offers short but effective tips for parents and teachers to laugh, play and learn life changing lessons together with their children.

– Learning EQ should be as essential as math or language. No matter how smart you are, if you can’t manage to function socially, you won’t perform professionally. We believe our EQ-concept can be a game changer preventing bullying, hatred and exclusion globally, says Rosie Linder.

Without text or language, Peppy Pals’ games were born global. Yet, being present in over 140 countries is not enough. In 2016, they are committed to a global expansion introducing empathy in children’s gaming worldwide.

Parents and teachers are starting to realize the importance of Social and Emotional Learning and the value Peppy Pals can provide. We believe that in one way or another, Peppy Pals will change the world. 


NEWS September 26, 2014

Peppy Pals reaches 60,000 after 5 months

The STING company Peppy Pals (eQidz) has reached 60 000 children since the app launched five months ago.

Peppy Pals is an adventure emotional intelligence game for children aged 2-6 about emotions and friendship in which the kids meet four quirky animals. The app is available on App Store, Android and Amazon.

> More information about Peppy Pals, and download the app here