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NEWS February 5, 2019

Pär Lager new chairman of edtechbolaget Learnster

Pär Lager has extensive experience from both board work and CEO assignments, including from Bergh’s School of Communication, Almega and edtech company Sqore. Now he is taking over as chairman of the board of edtech company Learnster. The objective of the assignment: make knowledge available and enable development for even more organizations and employees.

Stockholm-based Learnster develops the next generation’s learning platform for competence development within organizations and companies. Since its inception in 2016, the company has established customers both in and outside the Nordic region and has users in 13 countries. Customers include well-known brands such as SATS, O’Learys and Bygghemma.

Learnster’s mission is to make available the knowledge and skills that a constantly changing and digital world requires. The aim is for aggressive expansion, which laid the foundation for a mutual interest of cooperation between Pär Lager and Learnster.

– Competence development is one of the most important challenges for organizations in the world today, and even more tomorrow. This was noticeable not least at this year’s World Economic Forum in Davos. I have been following Learnster for a long time and am impressed with both their user-friendly product and unique team of employees. Learnster offers an as effective as innovative solution to organizations’ needs regarding both upgrading and reskilling of their employees, says Pär Lager.

In 2019, several new functions will be launched in the learning platform and an expansion, first in the Nordic region and then internationally, is to be expected.

– We are incredibly proud and excited to have Pär on board. With Pär’s solid experience and impressive track record, in combination with our common view of the possibilities within the EdTech scene today, I am convinced that we will have a both exciting and eventful time ahead of us, says Learnster’s CEO Mikael Larsson.

In 2017, Learnster was selected as one of eight companies for the startup program Sting Accelerate. In 2018, Learnster became the first Nordic company to be selected as AWS Edstart. Investors include Almi Invest and Söderberg & Partners.