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NEWS September 9, 2016

Insurance company Länsförsäkringar invests in E-health company Aifloo



E-health company Aifloo raises 12 million SEK from Länsförsäkringar and existing owners to increase safety and security for the elderly so that they can live at home longer. The company develops the world’s first self-learning, e-health systems.

Aifloo has developed a technology to increase safety and security, especially for older people, with the help of artificial intelligence. Now Aifloo raises 12 million SEK from current owners and also Länsförsäkringar Sak, Sweden’s largest insurance company in the health and safety area, which joins as a new investor.

– It is a very exciting area Aifloo operates in. We see great opportunities in the future to be able to offer our customers new modern security solutions, says Thomas Abrahamsson, Manager of Health at Länsförsäkringar.

Aifloos technology learns people’s habits and behavior through motion detection and behavioral analysis using machine learning. When an abnormal behavior is detected an alarm is sent, via an app, to a service organization or selected family members.

– The combination of our newly developed sensor architecture and unique algorithms for artificial intelligence puts Aifloo in a leading position in a very hot area. We have been convinced that we have both a great and important product, and it is of course fun that our new investment round was quickly oversubscribed, says Michael Collaros CEO of Aifloo.

Faced with a global product launch 2017 Aifloo will do a large international financing round. Aifloo has since fall 2015 raised nearly 25 million in funding.

Close to 20 percent of the population in Western countries are over 65 years, and the percentage continues to grow. People’s need for support increases, which already today is a major challenge for society. Aifloo develops an e-health system based on a unique artificial intelligence (AI), which increases security by understanding and analyzing behaviors. This allows for example the elderly and the chronically ill to live longer in their own homes.

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NEWS June 20, 2016

Unomaly raises 4.6 million euro in Series A funding led by EQT Ventures


STING company Unomaly, the company that is changing the way businesses monitor, detect and investigates IT incidents, has raised 4.6 million euro in Series A funding led by EQT Ventures. Andreas Thorstensson of EQT Ventures will join the board of directors.

Founded in 2012, Unomaly provides a solution that automatically analyses all the data that IT systems, applications and infrastructures produce. It leverages smart algorithms that continuously learns the normal behavior of every IT system to detect and explain virtually any IT incident – from crashes, to problems and breaches. Current customers span 11 countries and include 2/4 Scandinavian banks, nuclear power plants and a broad set of Internet companies.

– Unomaly is the perfect example of the kind of team EQT Ventures wants to partner with. Great founders solving a large and complex problem using ground breaking technology. Machine learning is all the hype right now, but this is an approach where it really excels, says Andreas Thorstensson, Tech Partner at EQT Ventures.

– This is a strong vote of confidence by EQT Ventures, says Unomaly co-founder and CEO Johan Gustafsson. EQT Ventures is one of very few VCs out there with deep technology knowledge and entrepreneurial background. They have precisely the right people for the right questions. We think this understanding and composition is really important for a long term partnership.

Unomaly rides the wave of increasing software dependency. Today, software is a critical part of everything, from Internet services to automobiles, and the impact of failures, breaches and crashes continues to grow. An average IT organisation manages to detect less than one third of all incidents – despite having more than 5 monitoring tools. Two thirds of all cyber security incidents are detected by customers, not the IT departments themselves. This in turn forces the average IT organisation to spend over 20 percent of their time troubleshooting.

– These numbers are highly correlated with underutilisation of data, says Unomaly co-founder and CTO Göran Sandahl. By allowing organisations to have all their data analysed in a continuous and systematic manner, without bias from rules or searches, we enable a fundamentally new understanding of what IT environments are doing and how they are failing.

Unomaly’s technology is packaged as a simple software that customers download and install where they are running systems and applications, either in their own data centers or in the cloud. Customers configure their systems to forward data to the installation and the technology automatically and continuously learns normal behavior. All parts of the IT organisation – from operations, to developers and security engineers – benefit from click-based access to root-cause anomalies and instant notifications without having to bother with rules, search or data overload.

The funding will allow Unomaly to further strengthen global customer operations and product development.

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