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NEWS November 2, 2015

UNjobfinder wins STING Super Seller October


UNjobfinder wins STING Super Seller, a monthly internal competition among STING’s current companies. The team that has succeeded with the best sales achievement each month is selected as our Super Seller.

Sales is key for us at STING. We constantly motivate, inspire and educate our entrepreneurs in sales tactics and strategy, and it is an area that is regularly taken up in the daily coaching. Each month we run the internal competition STING Super Seller. The winner is chosen by an individual assessment of the entire sales process – not just the total order value, but also about how important the customer or deal is for the company’s growth.

This month the STING Accelerate company UNjobfinder, consisting of Patrik, Jon and Magnus, has impressed us a lot! During the month, the team closed deals with five (!) major international organisations: Cuso, Efsa, HAS, IRC and IWMI. Previous month, they partnered up with four other international organizations (the United Nations agencies UNHCR, UNFPA, UNRWA and IUCN). Very well done!

We asked the team: What are your tricks?
– Simply put: We focus on creating value. We constantly upgrade our services so that they are always meeting our customers’ needs. In addition to that, we make sure to actively approaching relevant organizations.

How do you work with sales?
– Many organizations are using the same sources for talent acquisition that they have been using for years. We have put a lot of effort into refining our offer to reflect the true needs of our customers. We are now actively trying to ”change their habits” and make them realize that our service is much more valuable. Based on our expertise working in human resources, we have reached a position where organizations have become increasingly interested in the value we add in attracting relevant talents.

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