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NEWS April 23, 2018

List: the five new companies in Sting Incubate

Today, Sting welcomes this year’s second batch of startups to the Sting Incubate program. The five new companies represent a wide range of solutions ranging from deep PC strategy games, a digital treatment method for people with sleep problems, innovative tools for digital receipts and personal administration to an AI based food market recommendation engine.

The new Sting companies will receive coaching in business development and financing, recruitment support and get access to Sting’s wide network of industry contacts and investors, to increase the pace of development, rapidly enter the market, and increase the chance of success. The companies also have the opportunity to get an investment of SEK 300,000 from Propel Capital, Sweden’s most active private seed investor.

One of the newly accepted companies is YourPDi, founded by Patricia Ingemarsson and Jenny Wuori, both with long careers in technology, market, sales and management behind them. Within the coming days, the company launches the YourPDi app, which gives its users a tool for organizing private valuable documents and information in one place, safely in the cloud.

“Although we have many years of developing companies behind us, we can see that we lack experience in some areas that are crucial for scaling a startup to a company of size,” says Jenny. “We therefore see that Sting’s unique network and business coaches with significant experience of entrepreneurship will speed up our pace of development. Now we are aiming for a successful launch of our app and are focusing on user traction, Patricia continues.

The five new Sting Incubate companies:

IQ Chef is a foodtech company that develops innovative solutions for the digital food market. The company’s recommendation engine, based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, gives IQ Chef’s partners in the food industry completely new opportunities to tailor and individualize their customer offerings.

Learning to Sleep has developed a digital, clinically validated, treatment method to help people with chronic sleep problems. So far, the company has treated over 900 people and 94 percent of patients get a lasting improvement in their sleep.

Treeno creates a new digital communication channel between consumers and businesses by building an innovative service for digital receipts. Using Treenos service, consumers can easily get their digital receipts collected in one place as well as a unique insight into their spending habits. At the same time, Treeno contributes to a significant reduction in tree devastation and waste management that paper receipts result in today.

Warpzone Studios is founded by three game industry veterans. Our goal is to make deeply engaging strategy games for mainly PC. We will aim to create games with superior replayability and high quality, while keeping close contact with our players and encouraging user modifications and extensions.

YourPDi, Your Personal Digitalization, is the app where you quickly and safely organize and keep important information and valuable documents. YouPDi gives you everything from receipt of your stolen bike, documents from the kitchen renovation, log-in details for Netflix, family vaccinations to colour codes in your home. Everything organized in one place and safely stored in the cloud.

NEWS February 28, 2018

KTH Holding AB invests in the foodtech company Nutrient

Nutrient develops climate-smart food. Since its inception in 2016, Nutrient has developed a vegan product with low climate impact based on Swedish peas, Tempeh, while conducting research on using insects as raw material. Now KTH Holding AB  invests in the company and becomes a partner to support Nutrient’s continued work going forward.

Consumers are increasingly aware of the food’s climate impact and the demand for climate smart alternatives is growing rapidly. 25 percent of the Swedes are eating vegetarian one time or more per week, and half of these are choosing vego for environmental and climate reasons. *

The Foodtech company Nutrient was created with the ambition of developing and producing climate smart and nutritious foods with high protein content. Today, the company has two different focus areas; The first is the development of a unique system for  growing insects on a large scale to be used as a food ingredient.The other focus area is the development of the protein-rich herbal product line Tempeh, launched on the market in October 2017. Tempeh is based on Swedish peas and is sold, for example, at Urban Deli in Stockholm.

“Our goal is to make a real difference to the environment by creating sustainable food that tastes really good. Having KTH Holding as an investor, will open up new opportunities for us and we look forward to taking the company to the next level”, says Adam Engström, Founder of Nutrient.

Nutrient entered the KTH Innovation pre-incubator in November 2017, but has developed rapidly and is already moving on.

“KTH Holding invests in approximately 5 companies out of the the around 300 business ideas supported each year by KTH Innovation. We strongly believe in Nutrient’s business concept and team”, says Lisa Ericsson, CEO of KTH Holding AB.

In addition to being backed by KTH Holding, Nutrient also was selected as one of the  5 companies that were admitted to the Sting Incubate program in February. Sting is one of the leading incubators in the Nordics and supports startups with for example business development, financing and recruitment.

* Https: //

For more information or pictures, please contact:
Adam Engström, Nutrient
Mobile: +46 73 073 22 14

NEWS February 5, 2018

Sting welcomes new companies

This week Sting kicks off the Sting Accelerate and Sting Incubate programs with 14 new, carefully selected, startups. Climate-smart food, neurocognitive tests, micro insurances, an on-demand beauty service and several innovative software services focused on B2B are among the products and services that the selected companies offer.

The new Sting companies will receive coaching in business development and financing, recruitment support and get access to Sting’s wide network of industry contacts and investors, to increase the pace of development, rapidly enter the market, and increase the chance of success. The companies also have the opportunity to get an investment of SEK 300,000 from Propel Capital, Sweden’s most active private seed investor.

“We’ve had a large number of applicants to the programs and we are very pleased to have several strong international teams among the companies accepted. The group represents a wide variety of business ideas ranging from e-commerce and digital marketplaces to a number of cloud-based services that target the business market. We are excited to get started with the entrepreneurs”, says Fredrik Rosengren, Business Coach at Sting.

Mindmore is one of the newly accepted Sting Incubate companies. The company develops digital neurocognitive tests, including The Minnemera service, a diagnostic tool initially aimed at primary and inpatient care. Sara Wallén, CEO and founder of Mindmore, has high expectations on Sting’s support:
“Sting’s long-term experience and broad competence will be valuable now that we prepare to take our service to the market. Targeting the care industry can be challenging, so we look forward to Sting’s coaching and concrete tools for establishing dialogues with our users for our future development.”

One of the new companies in the Sting Accelerate program is Bukvy, which creates smart bags and accessories for urban people in constant motion.
“We are very pleased to have been selected for Sting Accelerate and we look forward to an intense, eventful and challenging spring! Bukvy has been our inspiring hobby project over the last two years; we have satisfied customers all over the world and this is an important opportunity for us to become stronger on the online side of our business. We are looking forward to get to know the coaches and the other selected teams and to share their experience as well as the challenges ahead of us”, says Elena Ekström, co-founder of Bukvy.

Since the start of 2002, Sting has coached over 250 startups. Stings alumni include companies like Barnabys, Bioservo, DPOrganizer, Karma, Videoplaza, Volumental and Yubico.

The new companies in Sting Accelerate

Baetes develops the next-generation e-commerce platform for the fashion industry. Using the latest VR, AR and 3D scanning technologies, the company creates a brand new digital shopping experience through virtual showrooms.

Bukvy creates smart bags and accessories for the urban people in constant motion. By combining multi-function and classic aesthetics Bukvy simplifies the carrying experience through items that transforms with the customers need. All items are made by hand, ethically in Europe by genuine leather of great quality and are sold through Bukvys webshop and a few carefully chosen retailers.

ContentStudio is an AI-based and data-driven social media marketing suite for businesses to grow their social media presence by helping them discover, compose and share engaging content in their industry. Users can keep an eye on trending content in their industry along with analytical stats presented in a meaningful way that help them make better decisions for their content marketing and social media marketing.

Cryptolens offers a state-of-the-art cloud service that makes it trivial to launch and protect any kind of software, with unique AI analytics to optimize revenue and capture untapped customer segments.

Foodla is a marketplace for you to buy and sell your organic goods in local communities – making the market more efficient, reducing food waste and promoting locally produced food which decreases transportation, mass production, and the excessive use of pesticides.

Knowlocker is a knowledge management platform for organisations large and small, helping ensure that businesses, the teams within them and external groups, such as customers, have access to the right information at the right time to achieve their goals. By giving internal teams access to the knowledge of an organisation, Knowlocker significantly improves effectiveness and efficiency of operations.

Margot International transforms trade in services and equipment in the offshore and marine industries.

Suavoo is a beautytech company that provides beauty services to customers’ desired locations, such as the home, office or hotel, through a touch of an app. Suavoo’s digital platform connects freelance stylists and customers and ensures high availability.

The new companies in Sting Incubate

Cribble develops toys for children, developed with foundation in research in psychology and pedagogy.

Intakt will offer digital micro insurances and fundamentally change the concept of what an insurance company is. The company will offer an automated, digitalised and user-friendly solution that makes it possible to offer competitive insurances to a large number of users. Furthermore the platform will give control back to the users over their personal data.

Mindmore develops digital neurocognitive tests, including The Minnemera service, a diagnostic tool primarily aimed at primary and inpatient care.

Nutrient is a FoodTech Startup developing concepts and processes for producing climate-friendly proteins and nutrients. We aim to make a real difference by producing sustainable food in a truly circular way where nothing goes to waste. By using untapped resources and converting them into new proteins we strive to innovate the value chain from farm to table.

Qofind develops the new generation baby monitors that monitor both temperature and motion when the child is sleeping.

Skillbreak is a smart social learning platform for unique local learning experiences.  All Skillbreaks are taught by experienced and interesting creative experts. We build relationships with our experts and we’re making it easy for them to showcase and share skills with their fans.

NEWS October 30, 2017

On-demand car wash Woshapp launches collaboration with DriveNow

The car wash industry challenger Woshapp has started a collaboration with car-sharing service DriveNow. Woshapp will wash DriveNow’s whole fleet of 300 cars in Stockholm.

Woshapp is the car wash that comes to you with a simple push of a button on your phone. Using an environmentally friendly car shampoo adapted to the Nordic climate, water-saving washing technology as well as bicycle transports, Woshapp is an environmentally-friendly and time-saving car wash option. A typical automatic car wash consumes approximately 200 liters of water per wash, compared to Woshapp’s washing technology, which only needs 350 ml of water per wash.

– We are very pleased that DriveNow is choosing Woshapp’s car wash solution. Not least because car-sharing services contribute to reduced climate impact, but also because this gives us the possibility of expanding internationally together with DriveNow, one of the world’s leading car-sharing services, says Jens Karlsson, co-founder and CEO of Woshapp.

– That a major player like DriveNow chooses Woshapp confirms that our washing method works well and that there is a demand for our innovative and environmentally friendly service among established companies. We will be recruiting new car attendants to join us on this journey, continues Jens Karlsson.

– Woshapp gives us a cost-effective solution and the ability to wash our cars in an environmentally friendly way. Our services have a lot in common and we look forward to a long-term partnership that will increase profitability for both companies, says Henric Hedenqvist, Senior Fleet Manager at DriveNow.

About Woshapp
Woshapp wants to revolutionize the car wash industry in a sustainable way. The service is an environmentally friendly car wash alternative, that saves water and uses environmentally-friendly cleaning agents. Businesses and private customers in Stockholm can easily book a car wash online. When the reservation is made, Woshapp sends its car attendant to the designated place where the car is washed. Upon completion of the car wash, before and after images are sent to the customer.

Jens Karlsson, CEO and co-founder at Woshapp: Mobile: 072-324 91 91, E: mail:

NEWS September 20, 2017

Sales-tech company Tölve raises 2.6 MSEK

Tölve has raised 2.6 MSEK from investors like Anders Göransson at Soläng Invest, Softhouse Invest and former CEO of Telge, Kjell Hasslert. The capital will be used to launch the company’s self-learning sales platform and establish Tölve on the Swedish market.

Tölve’s SaaS service, an AI-based “sales assistant”, helps sales professionals to identify new potential customers using predictive analysis and AI processes. The sales assistant also collects relevant information about the potential customers, such as all available financial information and media referrals.

– One of the exciting things with Tölve is that we have the potential to free up to 30 percent of a sales professional’s working day. From today spending 1-2 hours a day looking for new customers, we can do this job for the sales professional in no time, using predictive analysis and AI processes, allowing him or her to spend more time in dialogue with the customer and closing deals, says Azra Rahmanovic, CEO of Tölve.

Kjell Hasslert, former CEO of Telge, has long experience from leading sales organizations and sees great potential in Tölve’s platform.
– When got in contact with Tölve, I immediately understood how they could increase the efficiency of the sales work. It is also something very thrilling with the opportunities of applying artificial intelligence in this area, said Kjell Hasslert.

– We are very pleased that the capital round is finalised. With the investment and the experience we get through our new financiers, we are now well equipped for launching the platform in September and for our continued journey, said Azra Rahmanovic.

Tölve was founded in February 2016 with the vision of introducing artificial intelligence and predictive analysis in the sales industry. The Tölve team has recently expanded with several employees within both sales and technical development.

Tölve was accepted to Sting’s Incubate program in autumn 2016.

Azra Rahmanovic, CEO, Computer, Mobile: 0762170187,

NEWS September 18, 2017

List: The six new companies in Sting Incubate

Today, Sting welcomes six new startups to the Sting Incubate program. The companies that have been selected offer services within e.g. logistics optimization, digital project and quality assurance tools, games and e-health.

“We see a great interest from startup to join Sting. With the six new companies in this batch we have accepted 17 new startups to Stings Incubate program, and 33 companies in total this year to Sting. This is a record since we started in 2002. Of the six companies, three – Cling, Nordic Weld Assist and Airmee – come from KTH Innovation’s pre-incubtor, with whom we work closely, “says Karin Ruiz, business coach at Sting.

The companies are offered 6 to 18 months tailor-made coaching and have the opportunity to receive SEK 300,000 from Propel Capital, the investment company investing exclusively in Sting companies. New this year is that, in addition to support from Sting’s experienced coaches, the companies also have access to 30 hours that can be used for buying coaching offered by external experts in areas such as SEO / SEM, UX and Conversion Optimization.

One of the new companies is Cling, which earlier this summer launched a service that makes it easy for craftsmen to write quotes and agreements.
– We see a great demand for our service. Since the launch in late July, we have already secured over 100 customers who send their quotes and agreements through the service, ranging from small companies with one employee to larger companies with more than 50 employees. Now we are ready to accelerate and look forward to qualified sparring from the Sting team, says Oskar Andersson, co-founder of Cling.

Sting’s support for startups includes, in addition to individual coaching and opportunity for investment from Propel Capital, access to Sting’s own recruitment service for startups, SUP46, THINGS or H2 locations, and access to Sting’s broad international network of investors, business contacts and experts.

Since the start of 2002, Sting has coached over 200 startups. Among the Sting Incubate companies are Yubico, Videoplaza, Volumental, Watty, Barnabys, Bioservo and MIND Music Labs.

Here are the six new Sting Incubate companies:
Airmee changes how goods are transported in cities by making “same day” and express delivery within 1-2h available and affordable to all. The company’s research-based technology optimizes real-time logistics flows, which maximizes logistics suppliers capacity and reduces cost and traffic in cities. Companies, stores and e-merchants can offer faster and convenient delivery services through Airmee’s API and deliver from the store within minutes.

Cling is a project tool that simplifies craftsman administration from first customer contact to payment. With the help of Cling, craftsmen can create quotes from simple and professional templates and send agreements that the customer signs with BankID. The idea is to make it easy to get the right information in place, so that craftsmen do not get into unnecessary disagreements and troubles with their customers.

HealthiHabits is a digital service that helps people with chronic diseases. At a time when doctors and nurses do not have enough time to support individual patients, HealthiHabit offers personal information and continuous support through a digital service and a personal virtual mentoring network of people with the same disease and health challenges.

Need Insights is an innovative market research company with cutting edge expertise in eye tracking data and measurement of crowds in physical environments. With the latest technology and intelligent analytics platforms, Need Insights helps companies understand their customers in a brand new way and create communications that really make a difference.

Nordic Welding Engineering has developed a method for quality assurance of welded structures. The majority of the welded products are about 20-40% heavier than necessary as there are no reliable methods for quality assurance of welded components with high strength steel. Through the implementation of the method in the manufacturing industry, productivity can increase by up to 50%, production costs are reduced and component weight is further optimized.

Valiant Game Studio is a new indie game studio, which aims to make roleplaying games with focus on social aspects. Storytelling is at the core of their experiences, which will give their players new ways of looking at the world around them.

NEWS November 2, 2015

UNjobfinder wins STING Super Seller October


UNjobfinder wins STING Super Seller, a monthly internal competition among STING’s current companies. The team that has succeeded with the best sales achievement each month is selected as our Super Seller.

Sales is key for us at STING. We constantly motivate, inspire and educate our entrepreneurs in sales tactics and strategy, and it is an area that is regularly taken up in the daily coaching. Each month we run the internal competition STING Super Seller. The winner is chosen by an individual assessment of the entire sales process – not just the total order value, but also about how important the customer or deal is for the company’s growth.

This month the STING Accelerate company UNjobfinder, consisting of Patrik, Jon and Magnus, has impressed us a lot! During the month, the team closed deals with five (!) major international organisations: Cuso, Efsa, HAS, IRC and IWMI. Previous month, they partnered up with four other international organizations (the United Nations agencies UNHCR, UNFPA, UNRWA and IUCN). Very well done!

We asked the team: What are your tricks?
– Simply put: We focus on creating value. We constantly upgrade our services so that they are always meeting our customers’ needs. In addition to that, we make sure to actively approaching relevant organizations.

How do you work with sales?
– Many organizations are using the same sources for talent acquisition that they have been using for years. We have put a lot of effort into refining our offer to reflect the true needs of our customers. We are now actively trying to ”change their habits” and make them realize that our service is much more valuable. Based on our expertise working in human resources, we have reached a position where organizations have become increasingly interested in the value we add in attracting relevant talents.

Find UNjobfinder in social media: Facebook, TwitterInstagram and Google+.

Please share the news about UNjobfinder to highlight this month’s winning team!

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NEWS April 7, 2015

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NEWS August 29, 2014

The STING story

Sweden’s tech scene is thriving, and we know great things are happening in our startup community – but it’s time to make sure the rest of “startup world” knows what’s going on here!

For that reason, the tech blog Swedish Startup Space compiled “The STING Story“, showing how STING has contributed to the Stockholm tech scene since inception.

SSS-Sting-infographic-v2-web-2000px-1000x2353 (1)

Courtesy of Swedish Startup Space