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NEWS February 28, 2018

Söderberg & Partners invests in Learnster

Learnster, a company that develops the next generation’s learning platform for companies and educational consultants, gets a new investors in Söderberg & Partners.

Since its inception in February 2017, Learnster has developed its SaaS service for more efficient training, skills development and on-boarding of employees. Now Learnster gets a new external investor and expands the team with several key roles.

Learnster’s cloud-based service combines the physical classroom with digital formats. This increases the effect of each given educational effort, both for the teacher and for the one who will get the learning experience. Furthermore, the service is used to design and administer training in a simpler and more cost-effective way.

“There is a great demand for Learnster’s innovative solutions for education and skills development. The fact that one of our customers sees the same potential as we do, and chooses to invest is both flattering and a receipt that we are on track”, says Mikael Larsson, CEO of Learnster. “With Söderberg & Partners, we get a long-term owner with whom we can grow together”.

Gustaf Rentzhog, CEO of Söderberg & Partners, sees great potential in both the service and the market. One of the ambitions of the investment is to eventually offer Learnster’s solutions as part of the delivery to Söderberg & Partners’ own customers.

“We see great potential in our collaboration with Learnster and what we can achieve together. Continuous knowledge development is a fundamental part of managing the retirement challenge linked to the aging of our population and the need to work longer. We believe that more and more companies will demand such solutions in the future”, says Gustaf Rentzhog, CEO of Söderberg & Partners.

In connection with the investment, several key persons have been recruited to Learnster. The team is being strengthened with Marketing Manager Peter Hedström; Anette Andersson, Head of Sales and Customer Relationship; Daniel Eek, designer / UX and Michael Smietana CTO.

For more information contact:
Mikael Larsson, CEO of Learnster
Mobile: 070-431 48 16