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NEWS June 4, 2018

Surfcleaner AB appoints Mikael Andersson as new CEO

Christina Lundbäck and Mikael Andersson, Surfcleaner.

Surfcleaner AB enters an industrialization and commercialization phase and is strengthening the organization through the recruitment of Mikael Andersson who has over 20 years of experience as CEO of industrial companies.

Surfcleaner have developed a patented technique for absorbing and separating pollutants floating on the water surface. The increased awareness and focus on improving our environment has led to an increased demand for technical solutions for water purification. Surfcleaner see an increased demand and will therefore focus on industrializing and commercializing the products on an international market.

Mikael Andersson is appointed as new CEO of Surfcleaner. Mikael has more than 20 years of experience as CEO of industrial companies, focusing on structuring, internationalization and growth. Mikael also has experience from product companies with customer focus and industrialization of products. His most recent experience includes a CEO position at ÅAC Microtec, where he was a part of the IPO process on Nasdaq First North.

– I am delighted to be joining the Surfcleaner team. Surfcleaner has a fantastic innovation and I am looking forward to helping the company grow and strengthen Surfcleaner’s position as one of the leading suppliers of water purification products. We have for a long time, polluted our planet by releasing hazardous waste in to our seas, lakes and rivers. So it is very inspiring to be a part of the solution to the problem, stated Mikael Andersson, the newly appointed CEO for Surfcleaner AB.

– I am pleased to welcome Mikael as CEO of Surfcleaner. This is an important step in our growth strategy to establish Surfcleaner as one of the largest European suppliers of products to the water purification market. With his solid skills and experience, Mikael is an important component of our continued expansion, stated Christina Lundbäck, owner and CMO at Surfcleaner AB.

For more information:
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Chairman of the board Christina Lundbäck,, +46 70 868 88 26 CEO Mikael Andersson,, +46 70 515 26 00

About Surfcleaner:
Surfcleaner has developed a new patented technology to eliminate and separate pollution from water surfaces. Customers are authorities and companies that have problems with pollution on water. Surfcleaner can be used on the open seas, offshore, rivers, ports, wells, water treatment plants and water towers. It eliminates proteins, foam, debris, oil sheen and thicker oil from water surface.