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NEWS October 8, 2018

Strong line-up when Sting Test Drive Edtech kicks off

Programledarna för Test Drive Edtech: Jannie Jeppesen och Karin Ruiz

Programledarna för Test Drive Edtech: Jannie Jeppesen och Karin Ruiz

In tough competition with a large number of applicants,12 projects have been selected for the first Sting Test Drive Edtech program. The aim of the program is to bring more innovative companies into the global growth industry Edtech. The program is targeted to aspiring entrepreneurs with an innovative business concept with great international growth potential in education and learning.

Sting Test Drive Edtech is led by Karin Ruiz, business coach at Sting, and Jannie Jeppesen, CEO of the Swedish Edtech Industry Association. During four evening workshops they will help entrepreneurs to develop their business ideas. Guest speakers from established edtech companies, investors and the educational system will also visit the workshops and contribute with market knowledge as well as investor perspectives. The participating projects will also be given the opportunity to network with potential customers and exhibit at the Edtech Sweden conference.

“We are overwhelmed by the interest in the program and it has been a challenging selection process with many qualified applicants. As a result, we now have a very strong lineup of participants. It will be exciting to help the entrepreneurs forward and give them knowledge, inspiration and tools to reach their goals faster,” says Karin Ruiz, business coach at Sting and one of the program leaders.

The program, which is free of charge, will be held in Sting’s new premises at A house and at the Edtech Hub Vercity in Nacka. During the final session, “the Best Edtech Idea” will be awarded in a pitch-final with an external jury. During the program, participants will meet experienced entrepreneurs such as Karin Bjerde (Kognity), Fredrik Wetterhall (Lexplore) and Oliver Lundgren (Skolon), and Vinnova as well as RISE will also contribute knowledge and experience.

The Swedish edtech industry is experiencing strong growth according to the latest report by Swedish Edtech Industry, with a more than 50% increase in new companies. Globally, Edtech is one of the fastest growing industries and exceeds Fintech in size.

“The great interest in Sting Test Drive Edtech confirms the innovation pace in the industry,” commentsJannie Jeppesen, CEO of Swedish Edtech Industry, who also participates as a leader in the program. “The accepted projects represent a wide variety of solutions ranging from smart digital services for pre-school and scheduling tools to e: sports solutions for schools, technologies to enhance programming skills, exam practicing tools and digital solutions for education in developing countries. We look forward to a rewarding and inspiring exchange in the group.

Test Drive Edtech is a collaboration between Sting and Swedish Edtech Industry. Other partners in the program are Vercity / Nacka Kommun, Invest Stockholm, KTH, RISE and EdTech Sweden.

The participating projects in Sting Test Drive Edtech (one project is in “stealth mode” and not listed below):

Asqill wants to be a reliable bridge between universities and companies while helping students find their “why”. Asqill train engineering students in industry-leading data analysis tools and engage them in working life.

Colearn is a platform for educators to connect, learn together and promote 21st century skills through new pedagogy and technology.

EdChild provides pre-school education in digital format for the world’s toddlers parents and educators focusing on joy and fellowship in the years when the children’s rate of development is highest.

ImagiLabs develops a tool to inspire young girls to develop their programming skills.

Lana Learning creates digital and personal language learning content using the student’s previous language skills to increase the learning speed.

The Lara Project develops technology to empower learning for children in developing countries.

Learn2Esport is a comprehensive solution for schools that want to start an e-sports profile. We offer a platform filled with materials, interactive tests, tasks and tools for both students and teachers.

Prion is a digital platform for documentation and communication in preschools. Through the app, preschool teachers can document the children’s learning through images, video and text, and parents can learn about the daily activities and the development of their own children.

Royal Scheduler is an automated scheduling service that creates complete and optimized schedules in no time.

Tntor’s digital solution helps college students to excel in a more efficient and fun way and with the opportunity for students to follow up their success through self-assessment.

Zifro is a complete teaching tool for programming. We provide a nice and playful code environment where students train text programming as well as all the necessary material that teachers need to plan, implement and evaluate lessons in programming.

Karin Ruiz, Business Coach Sustainability, Edtech and Health, Sting
+46 70 645 78 04

Jannie Jeppesen, CEO, Swedish Edtech Industry
+46 702 244 865