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NEWS February 6, 2019

Kry- and Capio-founders invest in digital healthcare interpreter

Patients who do not master the language where they seek care have a 50 percent higher risk of being admitted when they go to the emergency room and stay four days longer in hospital than the average patient. This is something that the team behind Care to Translate wants to change. A medical translation app for health professionals; that’s how the founder Linus Kullänger describes his app.

Language barriers today cost the healthcare system large amounts of money. In addition, there are costs for reduced efficiency and miscommunication, as well as risks such as malpractice and complications.

– Only the cost of interpreting support in healthcare in Sweden amounts to billions of Swedish crowns each year. Our vision is to enable good communication for healthcare professionals and patients – regardless of language, and thus contribute to safer and more efficient care, says Linus Kullänger, CEO and co-founder, who is a medical student himself and got the idea for the product during his studies.

In less than a year, Care to Translate has become a well-known name among healthcare professionals in Sweden. The company has grown organically and currently has over 26,000 users and is available in 21 languages.

– With over 50,000 translations on average per month, we already help thousands of patients get better care, says Annie Backman, co-founder and COO at Care to Translate.

To be able to scale up and reach all caregivers in Sweden and at the same time start to market in Europe, Care to Translate has now raised its first investment of SEK 3.75 million. Yubico investor Simon Josefsson heads the round and several other well-known names are included in the group of business angels who back the company. Among them are former CEO and founder of Capio, Per Båtelson, KRY’s co-founder and former CEO, Josefin Landgård, the business angel Boel Rydenå, and former marketing director at Spotify, Sophia Bendz.

– There is a clear need for this type of service in Sweden, but also globally. A common alternative to our solution is, for example, Google Translate; the big difference being, however, that Care to Translate ensures medically correct translations, says Maja Magnusson, one of the four co-founders.

The investment will also contribute to the further development of Care to Translate’s business app that is aimed directly at clinics and care units. The app is already being tested by several large healthcare providers, including the Karolinska Hospital in Huddinge.

– It will be fun to be involved and contribute. Care to Translate fulfills a very large need in healthcare, but also in neighboring businesses where an increasing number of foreign-born people work, says Per Båtelson.

– Today, there is no translation help in most care situations where you do not have a pre-booked doctor’s appointment. We want to change that, says Linus Kullänger.