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NEWS October 30, 2017

On-demand car wash Woshapp launches collaboration with DriveNow

The car wash industry challenger Woshapp has started a collaboration with car-sharing service DriveNow. Woshapp will wash DriveNow’s whole fleet of 300 cars in Stockholm.

Woshapp is the car wash that comes to you with a simple push of a button on your phone. Using an environmentally friendly car shampoo adapted to the Nordic climate, water-saving washing technology as well as bicycle transports, Woshapp is an environmentally-friendly and time-saving car wash option. A typical automatic car wash consumes approximately 200 liters of water per wash, compared to Woshapp’s washing technology, which only needs 350 ml of water per wash.

– We are very pleased that DriveNow is choosing Woshapp’s car wash solution. Not least because car-sharing services contribute to reduced climate impact, but also because this gives us the possibility of expanding internationally together with DriveNow, one of the world’s leading car-sharing services, says Jens Karlsson, co-founder and CEO of Woshapp.

– That a major player like DriveNow chooses Woshapp confirms that our washing method works well and that there is a demand for our innovative and environmentally friendly service among established companies. We will be recruiting new car attendants to join us on this journey, continues Jens Karlsson.

– Woshapp gives us a cost-effective solution and the ability to wash our cars in an environmentally friendly way. Our services have a lot in common and we look forward to a long-term partnership that will increase profitability for both companies, says Henric Hedenqvist, Senior Fleet Manager at DriveNow.

About Woshapp
Woshapp wants to revolutionize the car wash industry in a sustainable way. The service is an environmentally friendly car wash alternative, that saves water and uses environmentally-friendly cleaning agents. Businesses and private customers in Stockholm can easily book a car wash online. When the reservation is made, Woshapp sends its car attendant to the designated place where the car is washed. Upon completion of the car wash, before and after images are sent to the customer.

Jens Karlsson, CEO and co-founder at Woshapp: Mobile: 072-324 91 91, E: mail:

NEWS September 15, 2017

Elly Pistol raises 3 MSEK

Elly Pistol, the online fashion company dedicated to the digital generation, has closed its first investment round and has raised 3 MSEK for expansion into new markets and expansion of the team. Amongst the investors are JNE Invest and BLCBX Investment Group.

Elly Pistol is a digital street wear brand launched in 2015. The company was founded by Cecilia de Champs with the goal of creating non-seasonal products and that consequently can live much longer than traditional summer / autumn / spring / winter collections.

Many people know Elly Pistol through their bomber jackets that quickly became popular and were frequently seen in social media and on influencers. The design takes place in-house in Stockholm and the sale is done without resellers via Elly Pistol’s own website. Social media is Elly Pistol’s premier communication channel.

– Our target audience is the digital generation that lives as much online as offline. We want to create a community where we together with our fans can develop our collections, shape our brand and promptly receive feedback on our ideas. As more people become aware of the environment and consumerism, I am convinced that our non-seasonal products are right in time, said Cecilia de Champs, CEO and founder.

The new investors complement the Elly Pistol team with experience and network.
– We have grown rapidly organically with very little funding so far, and I am looking forward to further accelerating the expansion rate with our new owners. It has been important for us to make a “smart” round and gain access to new skills and experience from the industry, mainly in e-commerce and online media, says Cecilia de Champs.

– For JNE Invest, Elly Pistol is an investment in a smart, courageous and dynamic fashion company that is absolutely right in time.” Says Niklas Norén, Managing Partner for JNE Invest. Hugo Hågemark, Partner at BLCBX Investment Group, continues – Sales growth is impressive and we are convinced that Elly Pistol’s trip has just begun. We are really looking forward to being part of the global launch this fall.

Cecilia de Champs, CEO Elly Pistol,

NEWS August 28, 2017

Here are the new Sting Accelerate companies

The eight startups that have been selected for the fall batch of Sting’s Accelerator program offer solutions ranging from car wash to Facebook for riders. All companies receive SEK 300,000 from Sweden’s most active private seed investor, Propel Capital, to accelerate growth.

The selected group of Sweden’s most promising startups will receive intensive coaching during 20 weeks by Sting’s coaches to increase the pace of development, rapidly enter the market, and increase the chance of success.

– The new Accelerate companies want to strengthen their sales efforts and represent services ranging from car wash to Facebook for riders and SaaS services for training companies. The group is made up of strong entrepreneurs who will be able to lift and inspire each other. They will certainly impress the startup world, says Ivar Strömberg, coach at Sting.

New this year is that, in addition to support from Sting’s experienced coaches, the companies also have access to 30 hours that can be used for buying coaching offered by external experts in areas such as SEO / SEM, UX and Conversion Optimization .

One of the new companies is Woshapp, which simplifies car wash by going to the customer and washing the car on site, utilising an environmentally friendly washing method.

– We have exciting contracts with some big companies that have many cars, and we already have over 20 percent recurring customers. We applied to Sting because they have extensive knowledge and have helped a large number of companies during many years. We are very excited to have been selected to the program. We are now looking forward to tough and sincere coaching that can seed up our growth rate, says Jens Karlsson, co-founder of Woshapp.

Another company has developed Ztable, an app for riders, offering a training calendar, inspirational riding exercises and a social network.

– We had a very successful launch in early summer and now have 17,000 downloads. We are looking forward to being challenged by Sting so that we can increase the pace and get even better. Getting access to Sting’s network, know-how and coaching will be a great opportunity for us, says Ingrid Sundqvist, founder and CEO of Ztabler.

In addition to coaching in business development and financing, the eight Sting Accelerate companies, also receive support in recruitment and communication, and get access to Sting’s network of business contacts and investors. During the program, Sting companies are offered free office space at the internet hub SUP46 in central Stockholm. Since the start of 2002, Sting has coached over 200 startups. Among the Accelerate companies are Sellpy, Dreams, Karma, Mondido and Sudio.

The following eight startup companies are included in the fall of Sting Accelerate:

Gigital is the first completely digital solution for booking live performers for professional and private events. As a customer you can search, filter, sort and compare the wide range of performers. Completely without middle men. All the communication and payment is done fast and easy directly over the platform.

GoFrendly We love friendship stories! GoFrendy offers women of all ages and regardless of their life situation an opportunity to create new friendships in a safe environment and through a smart and easy matching process. GoFrendly is available for download on the App Store and released for Android in September 2017.

Kinexit is an online subscription service bringing individualized movement to those serious about health, fitness, and sports. Active people, athletes and those who coach, train and treat them. Activity participation and sports performance is fully individualized and optimized to drive fast results. Movement restrictions are found and fixed to unlock greater possibilities for anyone. All this in an affordable subscription on your mobile device.

Learnster is a learning ecosystem and the first cloudbased end-to-end service for learning providers and consultants. Learnster cut time spent on managing courses by 50 percent, saving money on every level, modernizing and distributing course content and making it available in all devices, and most importantly – increases the learning experience and outcome. With Learnster our clients can futureproof their learning offer and business.

Pushappy is a clever tool that make selling both more effective and fun.
With our app system your sales will increase fast, using our gamification concept.
All sales within the goals you set will be followed up in real-time, helping you to act proactive upon results and get your sales force more motivated than ever.

Wopify wants to create the world’s smartest job matching engine and offer people who already have an employment the opportunity to discover new exciting job challenges worldwide, while remaining 100% anonymous.

Woshapp is the car wash that comes to you. For every car we wash with our proven formula, we save around 200 liters of water. Our formula is also gentle on the paint and reduces the risk of scratches and swirl marks. With Woshapp you just press a button while we take care of the rest. Easy, convenient and safe.

Ztable is an app designed especially for riders. It contains a training calendar, inspirational videos and a social network. We give equestrians on all levels the opportunity to share their passion, develop their riding and achieve their goals. Free on AppStore and Google play.


Entreprenörskap October 23, 2014

5 ways to boost your STING Accelerate application

Thinking about applying to the next batch of STING’s accelerator program? Here are 5 useful tips to improve your chances of getting chosen for the program:


Tove and Janna, founders of Competencer, pitching at Demo Day.

1. Show us that you have a strong team
STING invests in people, not companies. One thing that truly impresses us is an experienced team with complementing skills. Show us that your team represents business, marketing and sales competencies, as well as a solid set of techies.

2. Think visual
Another thing that excites us – and makes you stand out – is video. Tell us about your team and business concept in a three-minute video pitch. We promise we won’t pay attention to production quality; it is the content we’re interested in.

3. How will you make money?
Explain to us how your business will scale. How will you make money? We love to see traction. Who are your customers and what do they say about you? Show that you have a deep understanding of your market, as well as your strategy for how to meet the need of that market.

4. Show a global focus
Our mission is to help entrepreneurs to build international companies. For that reason, it’s essential that you have your sights set on going global from day one.

5. Put effort into your application and do your homework
Take the time to answer each question carefully, spell check, include images and produce a short video. In other words: fill out the application form properly. Equally important is doing your research. Do you know what STING – and STING’s accelerator program – is all about? We want you to feel that this is the right fit for you and your startup.

And last, but not least; apply before midnight on May 10.

Visit for more information about Sting’s accelerator program and the 300,000 SEK investment.

Best of luck!

NEWS April 18, 2016

Join STING Accelerate!


The application period for the next STING Accelerate program is now open. The program round starts in August 2016, and finishes up in January 2017. Do you have what it takes to be a STING Accelerate company? 


STING Accelerate is the accelerator program that gathers Stockholm’s most promising internet startups. The program provides 7-8 handpicked startups with an exclusive package of funding (300 000 SEK), tailored business development coaching, access to STING’s network of investors and partners as well as free office space at SUP46 in the centre of Stockholm.

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NEWS December 3, 2015

Here is November’s STING Super Seller winner


Airinum wins STING Super Seller of November, a monthly internal competition among STING’s current companies. The team that has succeeded with the best sales achievement each month is selected as our Super Seller.

Sales is key for us at STING. We constantly motivate, inspire and educate our entrepreneurs in sales tactics and strategy, and it is an area that is regularly taken up in the daily coaching. Each month we run the internal competition STING Super Seller. The winner is chosen by an individual assessment of the entire sales process – not just the total order value, but also about how important the customer or deal is for the company’s growth.

This month the STING Accelerate company Airinumconsisting of Alexander, Fredrik, Johannes and Mehdi, has impressed us a lot! During the month of November, the team has launched a Kickstarter campaign for their first product: a carefully designed breathing mark for the 21st century. The campaign reached the goal of 10 000 USD already after 24 hours, and one week after launch the campaign reached 310 per cent of the goal. Brilliantly well done! 

We asked the team: What are your tricks?
To keep it short: Hard work, lots of social media posting and big-email lists. Then, of course, it’s about offering a product of great quality – both when it comes to material, comfort and design.

Find Airinum in social media: Facebook, Twitter and Google+

Please share the news about Airinum to highlight this month’s winning team, och support their crowdfunding campaign!

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NEWS November 2, 2015

UNjobfinder wins STING Super Seller October


UNjobfinder wins STING Super Seller, a monthly internal competition among STING’s current companies. The team that has succeeded with the best sales achievement each month is selected as our Super Seller.

Sales is key for us at STING. We constantly motivate, inspire and educate our entrepreneurs in sales tactics and strategy, and it is an area that is regularly taken up in the daily coaching. Each month we run the internal competition STING Super Seller. The winner is chosen by an individual assessment of the entire sales process – not just the total order value, but also about how important the customer or deal is for the company’s growth.

This month the STING Accelerate company UNjobfinder, consisting of Patrik, Jon and Magnus, has impressed us a lot! During the month, the team closed deals with five (!) major international organisations: Cuso, Efsa, HAS, IRC and IWMI. Previous month, they partnered up with four other international organizations (the United Nations agencies UNHCR, UNFPA, UNRWA and IUCN). Very well done!

We asked the team: What are your tricks?
– Simply put: We focus on creating value. We constantly upgrade our services so that they are always meeting our customers’ needs. In addition to that, we make sure to actively approaching relevant organizations.

How do you work with sales?
– Many organizations are using the same sources for talent acquisition that they have been using for years. We have put a lot of effort into refining our offer to reflect the true needs of our customers. We are now actively trying to ”change their habits” and make them realize that our service is much more valuable. Based on our expertise working in human resources, we have reached a position where organizations have become increasingly interested in the value we add in attracting relevant talents.

Find UNjobfinder in social media: Facebook, TwitterInstagram and Google+.

Please share the news about UNjobfinder to highlight this month’s winning team!

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NEWS August 25, 2015

Here are the eight new STING accelerator companies


The business incubator STING welcomes eight new internet startups to the fifth round of the accelerator program STING Accelerate. Propel Capital II invests SEK 300 000 in each companies, an increase from previous round. Propel Capital consists of 16 angels and invests in STING companies only.

The interest for the fifth round of the STING Accelerate program has been at an all-time high with a total of 160 applications. After a careful evaluation of the business models, the teams and their potentials, eight of the most promising companies today move in to STING’s premises at the internet hub SUP46, where the program is run.

– After a tough selection of applicants, we have selected the most outstanding teams. Half of them have already launched, and a few already have paying customers, says Peo Nilsson, business coach and program manager for STING Accelerate.

Smart products and services in recruitment, e-commerce and marketing is a just a sample of what STING Accelerate represents this fall. There are a number of serial entrepreneurs behind the startups, as well as people with many years of experience in their respective industries and alumni students from reputable schools such as Stockholm School of Economics and the Karolinska Institute.

All companies accepted to STING Accelerate in fall 2015 and spring 2016 will automatically receive an investment of SEK 300 000 from Propel Capital II. The financing comes from 16 renowned Swedish business angels, including Carl Palmstierna, Ludvig Linge and Magnus Bergman, who have come together to invest in Internet/media companies.

During the next 20 weeks, the startups will get intense coaching by STING’s experienced Internet coaches, with expertise in company building and business development. The focus is on the “Lean Startup” methodology to increase the speed of development and to challenge and sharpen the customer offer. The new batch will also receive close support in communications and recruitment, as well as access to STING’s wide external network of industry experts and investors.

One of the teams this autumn is UNjobfinder, a global career service provider for the international development sector. Since the launch in 2014, the company already has users worldwide and collaborates with organizations such as UNHCR, UNFPA and Save the Children International.

– It feels so great to have been chosen for the program! STING has a thorough and well-tested program, and we hope that we will learn a lot by sharing lessons learned and experiences with the other companies. We have high expectations to run even faster, both in product development and how we can best reach our customers and users, Magnus Bucht, CEO of UNjobfinder, says.

During the program, STING provides free office space at the startup hub SUP46 in the center of Stockholm. In January, the program ends with STING Demo Day, a closed event where the companies will present their business ideas for an exclusively invited investors, potential partners and journalists.

Here are the eight startups of STING Accelerate’s batch number 05:

Airinum is fighting one of the greatest global health concerns of our time: air pollution. By leveraging Swedish innovation and design, Airinum is developing new breathing protection to guard millions of people from diseases caused by air pollution. The company’s first product is a new type of anti-pollution breathing mask for day to day use, with optimum protection while not compromising on comfort or style.

Beatly provides a platform designed for brands to create, manage and follow-up on influencer marketing campaign. By replacing ads with stories and storytelling that is integrated with the sender, brands are able to quickly increase brand awareness and find new customers, as well as increase their social media presence.

Daily Bits Of
Daily Bits Of presents a free way for everyone to work on their personal development, by delivering daily bite sized courses via email. The courses offers learning in a lifestyle context, focusing on four verticals: health, relationships, work and food. Daily Bits of is a learning service for everyone who doesn’t have time to work on their personal development.

Footmall is a shopping engine and marketplace for shoes. By offering a wide range of shoes from different retailers, Footmall helps consumers to save both time and money. The service simultaneously offer a unique opportunity for shops and individuals to promote their shoes online.

Karma is a customer ­driven marketing tool helping companies connect with their customers. Karma makes it easy for companies to capture the data they need to build a closer relationship with customers, offer tailored shopping experiences and fully measure the effectiveness of their campaigns.

Resrc is the staffing and consulting industry network. Resrc enables improved cooperation between companies by offering efficient networking tools and scalable information services.

Streamience has developed a platform for a whole new generation of easy to use services for mobile phones, tablets and other digital displays. The platform is built for app-generated streaming services. It use personal data to tailor the user experience to each individual’s needs. Soon the first service based on this platform will be launched, called Jambaramba.

UNjobfinder is the global career service provider for the international development sector. Our solution matches job seekers with hiring organizations through innovative tools and services related to talent acquisition and professional support. Your career is our mission.

NEWS January 26, 2015

Here are STING’s eight new Internet startups, Propel Capital’s latest investments

Today, STING welcomes eight new internet/media companies to the fourth round of its accelerator program STING FastForward. The investment company Propel Capital invests 250 000 SEK in each company, to further accelerate their growth.

After a comprehensive evaluation of 120 applicants for STING’s accelerator, eight teams made it into the program. The entrepreneurs have impressive backgrounds with experience from iZettle, Klarna and Tradedoubler, and degrees from reputable schools such as Stockholm School of Economics and Parsons School of Design.

– The eight companies selected for the spring batch represent several areas that currently are undergoing very exciting shifts, including digital marketing, fintech, logistics and mobile enterprise solutions, says Peo Nilsson, program manager and business coach at STING.

Propel Capital, dedicated to investing only in STING companies, invests 250 000 SEK in each team. Early on in the program, the entrepreneurs will start to build close relationships with the investors behind Propel Capital. Some 20 successful business angels, including Hampus Jakobsson, Eric Byrenius, Kristofer Arwin and Niclas Lilja, have joined forces to invest in STING Internet/media and ICT companies. Previously, Propel Capital has invested in STING’s earlier batch of FastForward, in startups such as EdQu, Qasa and Selfiejobs, but also in the STING alumni company Apprl.

– STING FastForward really is an engine for entrepreneurship. Last year’s companies have taken significant technical, commercial and financial steps to develop their ideas. We welcome the next batch of companies and look forward to contributing to their growth, says Niclas Lilja, angel investor and investor in Propel Capital.

The companies now have 20 intensive weeks’ ahead of them with coaching by STING’s experienced Internet coaches with expertise in company building and business development. The focus is on accelerating their development according to the lean startup methodology, and to challenge and sharpen their offers to clients. The new batch will also have access to communications and recruitment support, as well as access to STING’s wide external network of industry experts and investors.

Throughout the program, the STING companies are offered free office space at SUP46 in central Stockholm. The program ends with a Demo Day, a closed event where the companies pitch their business ideas for exclusively invited investors, potential partners and journalists.

Here are the eight companies of STING Fast Forward’s spring batch, FFW_04:

Boxgard offers a smart urban by-the-box storage solution for people who need more space. The pay-as-you-go service can be booked online via and comes with free pick up and home delivery any day of the week. Boxgard delivers free packing boxes at no additional costs. Uniquely Boxgard has the option to schedule delivery of one or several boxes at the time from the comfort of your home.

Haaartland turns growing marketing complexity into something that is fun and easy to manage. The company develops cloud-based subscription-based services for marketers. These services enable marketers to understand the hidden factors that drive the audience in their product-niche (the heartland of the product), to create highly engaging data-driven content, and to publish in the most effective way to grow their audience.

HappyTail is a community for active and social dogs and dog lovers. By connecting dogs with dog lovers we eliminate the dog owners dilemma of reduced freedom and lonely dog walks. This benefits the dog owner as well as the dog – and that is our main mission: Every dog should be able to live a happy, active and social life!

Liquido simplifies and manages your invoicing and accounts receivables. We supply you with a simple but powerful invoicing tool, that together with our automatic matching of your incoming payments, gives you access to an constantly up-to-date accounts receivable  – wherever you are.

Pecuniosus has developed a SaaS platform, Market2Member, to making it easy for companies and organizations to offer advanced loyalty and cashback programs to their customers/ members. The platform content is API driven making it easy for partners to integrate the solution on their own web sites.

Salesbox CRM is not just your average model for managing your customer relations and keeping focus, it is a breakthrough blueprint for maximizing your sales. It is an intelligent and mobile CRM system matched by no other. Salesbox CRM is the art of selling contained within a CRM.

Sellpy makes it dead simple to get rid of stuff you don’t use anymore. Order a Sellpy bag online and fill it with anything you want. We pick it up at the door, sell the items and share the profit. Whatever we can’t sell we donate to charity. Sellpy gets you both space and money and ensures that your unused items come to use. Good for you and good for the environment!

Strawpay uses Bitcoin payment channels and payment protocol to create small, cheap and secure micro payments. The buyer and seller of the payments only risk one payment at the time. The payment channel can be used to pay different sellers simultaneously.

NEWS October 24, 2014

5 ways to boost your STING FFW application!

Thinking about applying to the next batch of STING’s accelerator program?

Check out this blogpost with 5 useful tips to improve your chances of getting chosen for the program.