Crisis support for Sting companies

During these tough times, Sting is here to help you. On this page, we gather valuable advice, useful articles and upcoming events, as well as content from activities we have hosted in recent days and weeks. 

Upcoming events

  • Extra team development coaching with Sara Bjekstam.
    In a 1,5-2 hour workshop, Sara will help facilitate a discussion about
    1) how your team is currently working and help increase the understanding of each individual’s strengths, weaknesses and possible concerns, and how to find ways to support each other, despite working remotely.
    2) whether roles and responsibilities are still relevant given the change in the world or whether responsibilities can be reallocated for the moment.

    Outcome: Strengthened team spirit and increased understanding of individuals’ current state of mind in order to recharge and deliver on an updated milestone plan. Talk to your coach about booking this workshop.

Startup Switch

Are you temporarily available for consulting assignments due to Covid-19? Join Startup Switch, an initiative to help you find a temporary assignment in another startup until this crisis is over.

Past events

Webinar: Marketing & Sales Opportunities in Corona times (March 30)
Sting coaches Olof and Hannah are hosting a 1-hour webinar to discuss how you can find current opportunities by tweaking your product offering, marketing positioning or sales channel. We will have founders from some relevant companies that can speak to their experience and we hope you will join us for a creative discussion around finding solutions even in tough times.

Covid-19 and the support packages for Swedish companies (March 27)
Victor and Elina from our partner PwC will share the latest information about the

Fundraising in tough times (March 26)
Sanna Westman from the Creandum team will share Creandum’s view of the current situation and the effects on the business and fundraising climate for startups. She will also provide some tips and tricks on bootstrapping and fundraising in challenging times.

Corona Business Damage Control (March 25, in Swedish)
Corona’s impact on the economy has not escaped anyone. But how can you as a startup entrepreneur come out of the crisis stronger? Sting’s business coaches Ivar Strömberg, Hannah Meiton and Magnus Rehn share the most important steps you need to take now to save your business.

Corona Business Damage Control (March 17, shorter version)

Other useful information