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NEWS February 18, 2016

Strong lineup when STING presents its eight new stars


STING welcomes eight new Internet companies to the sixth round of the accelerator program STING Accelerate. The batch represents diverse teams with broad experience, where half of the companies are founded by female entrepreneurs. Each company receives an investment of SEK 300 000 by Propel Capital to accelerate their growth.

A total of 170 Internet companies competed about the eight spots in the accelerator program STING Accelerate. After a comprehensive evaluation of the business model, the team and the overall potential, eight of the most promising startups joins the program and moves in to STING’s premises at the co-working hub for digital startups, SUP46, where the program is run.

– The line-up is strong and we are very excited about the diversified teams this spring. Half of the companies are founded by female entrepreneurs, and it is a good spread of age and origin. It provides a really good dynamic and best conditions for good exchanges in the group. We also have a wide variety of companies, both in terms of industry but also regarding how far they have come, conditions that are exactly what the program is designed for, says Peo Nilsson, program manager and business coach at STING Accelerate.

A digital platform for models, a subscription service for fragrances and a mobile TV guide is a selection of the digital services that STING Accelerate shows this spring. The startup companies are founded by a number of serial entrepreneurs and several individuals with extensive experience in relevant industries, including companies such as MTG/Viaplay, Samsung and Cap Gemini.

One of the companies this spring’s is YouModels, a digital platform to book and manage professional models.

– We are really looking forward to working closely with Sting during the spring, to increase the speed of growth in Sweden and globally, says Laura Lilja, CEO and co-founder of YouModels.

Another of the spring batch company is, the fastest growing online/mobile TV guide in Latin America. One of the co-founders are Fredrik Hellström, co-founder and former CEO of digital TV schedules TV24.

– To be selected for the program feels great. It is a unique opportunity to gain valuable coaching and expand our network of entrepreneurs and investors. Now we want to take the company to the next level by accelerating our business development, evaluate and refine all aspects of the company and prepare us for the next investment round, says Fredrik Hellström, CEO and founder

All companies accepted to STING Accelerate automatically receives an investment of SEK 300 000 from STING’s investment company Propel Capital. Venture capital comes from 18 renowned Swedish business angels, including Carl Palmstierna, Ludvig Linge and Magnus Bergman, who have come together to invest in Internet and media companies.

The companies are now awaiting 20 weeks of intensive coaching by experienced STING coaches with expertise in company building and business development. The focus is on the “Lean Startup” –methodology, to increase the pace of development, and to challenge and sharpen our offering to customers. The new companies will also receive close support in recruitment and communication, as well as access to STING’s wide external network of industry experts and investors.

During the program STING provides the companies with free office space at the internet hub SUP46 in the heart of Stockholm. In May, at the annual investor event STING Day, the program ends with a demo day, where the companies will present their business ideas for exclusively invited investors, potential partners and journalists.

Here are the eight STING Accelerate-companies

Gaddr is universal friend requests, and makes it up to 25 times faster to add and follow a friend, business, influencer or other person’s social media profiles. Add a person on up to 35+ social medias, games and profiles in one tap. Add one, add anywhere.
CEO: Francisco Andreasson

Marqts makes it easier for you as an investor, large or small, to understand financial information so you can make better investment decisions.
CEO: Joakim Höglund.

Match2One makes it easier for advertisers to make automated and hyper-targeted purchases of ad inventory – also called programmatic marketing. The self-service platform allow users unrestricted access to global ad inventory across display, mobile, native, video and soon digital posters, TV and radio. The innovation reduces barriers to enter for independent agencies and SMBs, that will use Match2One to create and run high-performance programmatic ad-campaigns. It’s also easy to use, no training or experience is required!
CEO: Mikael Kreuger. is the fastest growing online/mobile TV guide in Latin America. is not only a guide but a social platform that gives personal recommendations of shows based on users’ preferences and allows users to interact with friends. The business model is a free product monetized by premium advertising such as display, native ads and sponsorships.
CEO: Fredrik Hellström.

Sniph is a smart subscription service for perfume, which makes it easy to discover new scents. Sniph delivers 7 ml bottles monthly, to be used in a smart case. The subscription is €15,99/month with no commitments.
CEO: Lisa Kjellqvist.

Teleguru is a fast-growing telecommunications website that is targeting the Polish market (58 million active SIM-cards). Teleguru shares content on market news, analyze tariffs/operator services and products reviews. Thanks to Teleguru average people can get help with choosing the right products and services.
CEO: Filip Wisnander.

Worldsmarathons is the starting place for all long-distance runners from beginners to elite. In the comprehensive event calendar, runners can discover new challenging marathons and exciting destinations, and to find all possible information they need about the events. The global website also provides race organizers and advertisers with new opportunities to reach their target audiences.
CEO: Charlotte Melchert.

YouModels is an online platform for booking and managing models with agency contracts. YouModels’ unique search engine allows advertisers to easily find and “book the look” without multiple contact points at different agencies. YouModels enables agencies to market their models globally in a cost-efficient way, generating additional bookings with minimal effort.
CEO: Laura Lilja.