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NEWS September 6, 2021

Strong healthtech focus in Sting’s latest batch of startups – here’s the final list

Sting admits 14 carefully selected companies with pioneering solutions ranging from healthtech to sustaintech and deeptech. Six of the startups are solving some of society’s biggest health challenges.

The team behind new Sting company AndningMed, the healthtech startup helping millions of respiratory patients successfully manage their disease.

Today, 14 new startups officially joined Sting’s autumn 2021 program, six of which are healthtech startups. After a careful selection process, the companies met for the first time at Sting’s premises in A house, Stockholm. 

Over the coming months, the companies will embark on an intensive learning journey, where they’ll be challenged to grow faster with support from the largest startup ecosystem in the Nordics. Eight out of the 14 companies will also receive an immediate investment from Propel Capital.  

The new healthtech companies will be coached by Sting’s experienced healthtech trio: Johanna Wollert, Olof Berglund and Krim Talia. 

“We’ve received an incredible number of qualified applications in the healthtech space this year. The digitalisation of healthcare has made great leaps during the pandemic, and today’s patients expect a digital response. It’s really exciting that almost half of the companies we’ve taken in have innovative solutions that help both patients and healthcare professionals in everyday life. I’m also really pleased to see so many female founders, both among the healthtech startups and the other companies, “says Johanna Wollert, coach at Sting. 

Among the startups that have been accepted is AndningMed, which develops products to help patients with chronic lung disease. 
Petra Szeszula, CEO and Co-Founder of AndningMed, says: “A large number of patients who use inhalers daily have an incorrect inhalation technique, which leads to vital medicines not being absorbed as well as they should be. To solve this, we’ve developed a smart watch for COPD patients. It measures inhalation to ensure the optimal dose is delivered into the patient’s lungs, helping millions of people take control of their health. In the coming months, we’ll conduct clinical trials and, together with Sting’s business coaches, establish the best way to reach more chronic lung patients faster.”   

Another company joining Sting is 2HEAL, which is changing the way that healthcare is conducted. 
“Healthcare today has a strong focus on symptom relief through various treatments and medicines. But in the long run, this doesn’t always lead to better health. Our lifestyle, diet, stress and lack of physical activity make us sick, even though we should be healthier than ever. We started 2HEAL because we want to work with holistic methods that combine medical assessments and data analysis to identify the root cause of a person’s symptoms. With Sting’s support, we can scale the business so we can help more people obtain long-term health, both in Sweden and internationally,” says Isis Amer-Wåhlin, doctor, CEO and founder of 2HEAL. 

The selected companies all have the opportunity to receive a SEK 500,000 investment from Propel Capital, Sweden’s most active private seed investor. But perhaps most valuable is the structured coaching program and proximity to expert coaches, business angels and an international network of industry contacts and investors.  

The following companies have been selected for Sting’s program starting in the autumn: 

2HEAL enables long-term health through holistic, people-centered healthcare. 2HEAL tackles ill health by treating the root cause – not just alleviating symptoms. They work with the entire patient’s lifestyle, including diet, exercise, rest and mental health.   


AndningMed is helping millions of respiratory patients successfully manage their disease. Using their medical device, people can ensure they deliver the correct dose of medication into their lungs every time they use an inhaler. Similar to a smartwatch, the device tracks performance and helps improve inhalation technique, giving patients more control over their health. AndningMed was founded at KTH Royal Institute of Technology.


Attini is an IT company that provides a serverless deployment framework for infrastructure as code (IaC). With this solution, organizations can improve the way they administrate large IT environments in the Cloud. Attini is flexible, secure and designed to automate your infrastructure. is a medical testing portal for labs, authorities and patients. Over 100 clinics are currently using the solution, as well as some of Europe’s largest laboratories. The app streamlines time-consuming processes such as uploading and delivering results – with customers reporting time savings of up to 95%.  

Din Psykolog   

Din Psykolog is a completely digital psychology service that allows people to chat with a psychologist online, anytime. It uses a smart-matching algorithm to match people with a psychologist that fits their unique situation – lowering the threshold for help and making it easier for ordinary people to see a psychologist.  


Dropmed is Sweden’s first independent medical marketplace, where healthcare providers can customize their own platform and purchase products directly from registered medtech vendors.  

Olivia is a digital tool to help women track, understand and minimize menopausal symptoms. Using technology, Olivia creates evidence-based therapeutic interventions that support a healthy lifestyle and decrease menopausal symptoms. 


Using AI and robotics, Flox’s solutions prevent conflict between animals and humans and enable more sustainable agriculture. Flox was founded at KTH Royal Institute of Technology.


Gårdskapital connects farmers with investors to accelerate the transition to more sustainable agriculture. They provide a complement to bank loans for farm-businesses making responsible investments. Loan purposes focus on, for example, climate adaptation, increased local food production and regenerative farming practices.

Lifelong offers plastic-free products for skin and hair care, such as hand soap, body wash and shampoo. Their innovative ‘powder to liquid’ formula comes in a paper-based, compostable bag that becomes 500 ml of liquid product when mixed with water. By sending powder instead of liquid, they reduce transport emissions by 94%. 

MDP Stockholm 

MDP (Master Data Partners) provides a global platform for the distribution, control and enrichment of product information for brands, distributors and e-retailers. With their platform, the cost and lead time for publishing products online can be reduced by 50% and 95% respectively, while at the same time enabling customers to scale up their range with higher information quality. 


Picapen is a writing platform and app that helps people create books with an AI-writing tool and book templates. Texts are automatically converted into different formats and can be printed and published worldwide with a few clicks. Members are inspired by masterclasses and digital courses, and can invite co-writers and readers to collaborate.


Reselo aims to lead the development and production of sustainable biomaterials that replace fossil-based plastics. Reselo’s first material to launch – Nordic Bio-Rubber – is a new biomaterial made from birch bark, which is a prevalent residual product in the Swedish forestry industry. Reselo was founded at KTH Royal Institute of Technology.


Sync is the future of experiencing and discovering music. An exclusive social music app, Syncc allows you to discover music from real people instead of algorithms and listen along together. The platform is an effective marketing tool for artists and tastemakers to engage and interact with their audience.